Saturday, July 8, 2017

Small town Texas parades are the most fun

You never know what you'll see at a Texas Hill Country parade, beyond the obligatory fire engine, horses and boy scouts. But you know it will be fun.

Kids line the streets early.

Everyone loves the Boy Scouts.

Republican and Democratic women march.  

While the New Braunfels Wurst Girls roll.

Golf carts and motorcycles become home-cooked floats, such as a seagull-eagle.

And patriotic dalmatian--you gotta be dedicated to wear a full-length fuzzy costume in Texas summer heat.

My favorite might have been this rescue horse outfitted for 'Merica in the stars and stripes, trotting with a full belly beside kind people.

Hope your July 4th holiday was happy and you were able to celebrate the freedom to be whoever you are.

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