Monday, April 18, 2016

Yellow-headed Blackbird -- just passing through

Look who stopped by our neighborhood last Friday--a Yellow-headed Blackbird!

 My generous neighbor Gail Gardner called me over to see him at her feeder--you know your neighborhood is good when someone calls you to come see a bird.

Yellow-headed Blackbirds aren't rare but the only chance to see them here is during migration. 

And I've never seen one before, which made Friday a great day.

According to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the birds range north into Canada and west into Pacific coast states to breed in summer.  For more about these gorgeous migrants, check out this link: Cornell Lab of Ornithology All About Birds.

Then hang out your seed feeders and have your binoculars ready.  You never know what you might see in the Texas Hill Country.

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  1. Great photo, Kathleen! We keep our binoculars on the kitchen table to make sure we don't miss any unusual visitors. We recently had a beautiful adult Lark Sparrow in our yard on and off for 4 weeks, which was a real treat. They are very rare, typically seen in this area only in the fall in non-breeding plumage.

  2. I agree...great photo.

    Haven't seen any of these around here. We just have our regular residents.

    Sometimes I think the word must go out that there are lots of hawks here, and the travelers take a different route.

  3. What a striking bird! I don't think I've ever seen one before. Not only is the appearance of this gorgeous migrating visitor a good sign, but having someone who will call you over to share the visit? That is simply top notch good neighbor stuff. What a treat!

  4. Great photos Kathleen. What a lovely bird, I've never seen one before. And how wonderful that your neighbor called you over to see him. I wish my neighbors were interested in gardening and birds.

  5. I just saw one of these at my bird feeder! I had to google it to see what kind of bird it was and thought I'd share since I stumbled upon your site. (FYI--I'm between Austin and Spicewood on 71). Thanks for the info!


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