Friday, March 11, 2016

Entwined -- A Farmer's Market Find

Almost 7 months ago I stopped writing pieces for Hill Country Mysteries.  It was more of a drop than a stop, unintentional.  Mom's stroke made the year hard emotionally and we spent a lot of time away with her. Fortunately she's recovered well and we celebrated her 90th birthday early this year. 

After the hardest part of Mom's recovery was over, Denny and I embarked on an ambitious garden plan ... I was so fatigued for months that it seemed too hard to climb the stairs and do brain-work in my office.  

And life continued to happen--family events and trips, volunteer work and visits...along with a growing inertia as I wondered how to break the ice of absence.  

But I've missed you and I'm happy to get back to sharing life in the Texas Hill Country and beyond.

Almost every Saturday morning, Denny and I go to the New Braunfels Farmer's Market for the best fresh food in the region, grown by farmers within 100 miles of town. It's not a chore like the grocery store, more like an extended family gathering. We wander the aisles, tasting and visiting. And after years of purchasing, I think of the sellers as 'our' farmers.  We know them and often their families, where they live, what they raise and how they farm.  I love buying from the producers--we're getting great food and our purchases help to feed their families.

But the market is more than food.  There are woodworkers, jewelry-makers, kombucha producers and other artisans, such as Karen Davis and her angora rabbit Ashford.

On a small farm near the local airport, Karen cares for a hairy menagerie of goats, great pyrenees dogs, llamas, alpacas and angora rabbits, brushing and shearing them for the hair she uses to spin yarn she weaves into scarves. Or instead of spinning, felts into sturdy stylish hats.  

When you rise in the morning to feed and groom your raw materials, your work is as much a way of life as a craft.

Ashford allowed me, and anyone else who wandered up, to pet her.  Karen says angora rabbits are bred as much for placid dispositions as bountiful hair, a necessity for an animal handled often for brushing and shearing. 

Of course everyone who petted Ashford smiled; soft imaginary-looking creatures provoke happiness.

Every hat and scarf is unique, worth the more-than-massed-produced but probably too low prices Karen charges for the items.  And how often can a person buy clothing that comes with a load of good karma?

If you'd like to see Karen's work, stop by her booth, Entwined Fiber and Wire

at the New Braunfels Farmers Market, on Castell Street a block east of San Antonio St., Saturdays from 9am-1pm.  Or visit her website (link above) for contact info.

In case you can't wait, here's a video snippet of Karen and Ashford spinning hair into yarn:

If I'm lucky, I'll run into you at Karen's booth.  Hope so.

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  1. Welcome back. We've missed you. So glad to hear that your mother is doing better.

    1. Thanks Dorothy! I have so much more energy now. Happy to be back.

    2. Thanks Dorothy! I have so much more energy now. Happy to be back.

  2. I so understand about fatigue with parent situations and extreme garden work! And work in general! Hope this year finds you renewed. And you bet, I'm heading to the NB Farmers' Market after the CTG spring rush: I want to meet Ashford and get some of those scarves. Thank you so much for letting me know!

    1. Thanks Linda! Let me know if you're coming and we'll meet. Would be great fun. Call Karen first, she's there most weeks but not all.

    2. Thanks Linda! Let me know if you're coming and we'll meet. Would be great fun. Call Karen first, she's there most weeks but not all.

  3. Helloo Kathleen,
    glad to have you back posting here, and that your mother is dong better. The Farmers' Market in NB is still on our list, but it sure is a tad far. Well, you never know.
    Have a great weekend,

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks Pit! Make the Market part of a weekend trip. :-)

  4. heyyy.welcome back....and how is ur mum???

  5. So nice to have you back posting here and what a great start...such fuzzy loveliness! The current temperatures don't encourage thoughts of warm wraps short term but all the smart folk know to plan ahead! A trip to NB looks like it ought to go on the to-do list and soon!

  6. Glad you are back dear Kathleen and to hear that your Mom is doing much better, sounds as if you need a rest and some care yourself.
    The Farmer's Market sounds wonderful, I have nothing like that here which is such a shame.
    Take care!
    xoxoxo ♡


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