Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hill Country Water Gardens

Encircled by the small town of Cedar Park just beyond the northern edge of Austin's sprawl lies one of the most unique garden-store playgrounds in Texas.

Splashing fountains, pools and ponds flow through five acres at Hill Country Water Gardens, a garden center "making outdoors awesome since 1999" with water features of every kind plus aquatic plants--and enough terrestrial green to make any vegetable, herb, native or habitat gardener happy.

When we moved from our last home, we left behind the fabulous waterfall Denny built for my birthday in 2007. 

I miss it. 

For our new place, he suggested a sculpture instead of a water feature. But I'm among those who know that everyone who doesn't live in the desert or the Arctic needs water in their outdoor space. Flowing water is the jewelry of a garden--energy, sparkle and shine that sings to the soul.

So we trekked to Cedar Park in search of a fountain. 

We found fountains of cylindrical petrified wood, striated spikes of rock and bubbling boulders of Big Bend. 

Each would have been a good choice except for price.

Eventually we found the perfect fountain for our smaller, more citified yard: sculptural, sky and earth colored, and in our budget. 

It doesn't look like much now, disassembled on the dead circle of lawn which will become a terrace with raised beds and paths.  But when we've hacked out the ground and leveled the slope, wired and plumbed electric and water, built paths and planted beds, put the fountain together and placed it in the center, and water runs from the top of the sphere disappearing into the pedestal base, my gardens will look and sound like home.
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  1. It looks like a great choice for your new environs. I can't wait to see it all finished up and installed. Get to work! : )

  2. I know how much I enjoy the sound of my little water feature. It just brings a magic touch to the garden. I look forward to see ing you feature, once installed, with the new landscaping. And a 'trek' to HCWG is the operative word. It just seems way too far away for me to visit.

  3. Now that's interesting, Kathleen: just now we're looking for a water feature for our garden, too. Maybe we'll drive over to cedar Park soon. Thanks for mentioning it.
    Have a great day,

  4. It will take some work, but we'll center a beautiful fountain with herb gardens surrounding it.


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