Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spaces: Beauty on a Budget

Fun accents in this room-- a pillow that pops, a coffee table made from an upside-down crate topped with a padded coffee bean sack, budget bling lamps from Target and a tableau of found art (centered by a favorite family picture) flanked by antique horns.

I love writing about unique homes and the people who create them. Some homes are elaborate and grand, others cozy and comfortable.  I learn from every one.

Cheryl Gordon's home was an eye-opener for making a 1950's place fresh and modern, on a budget. 

The photos here show a few ideas for inexpensive updates. For more, check out my Spaces story about Cheryl and her home, with nearly two dozen professional photos: Budget-minded beauty makes an aging home fresh .

A box made from old measuring sticks holds spirits.  And gives new meaning to the term 'open bar'.  

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