Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sunset Meditation

Sunset at Corpus Christi Bay, Snoopy's pier.

A sunset is the beginning and the end and all the beauty in between.

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  1. Beautiful! We always visit Snoopy's pier when we are in Corpus. For the view and, of course, for the great fried shrimp;)

  2. And now I'm craving fried shrimp.

    (Sorry - I know that was not supposed to the be the takeaway here. But, Snoopy's!)

    Gorgeous sunset, it has been too long since I watched the sun slip down into the ocean. I can tell I need to correct that - soon!

  3. Good morning, Kathleen,
    What a wonderful picture! We ourselves don't go to Corpus very often. Our usual Gulf Coast destination is Port Aransas and sometimes Rockport. We enjoy the coast a lot, though. Here's a sunset in Port A [].
    Have a great day,


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