Thursday, January 22, 2015

Finchy Days

On chilly winter mornings, the neighborhood house finches flock to our feeders.  I can't help but smile when I see them, so here's a short sequence to bring a smile to your day too.

The boys wear red; girls wear brown to blend in when they sit on nests.  For more info, see All About Birds.

What birds frequent your neighborhood? 

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  1. Great shots - those finches are adorable. I readily admit to a weakness for the littlest birds and house finches, while common to our area, are rare visitors in my spaces. I get lesser goldfinches at certain times of year, but at the moment? It is a nesting pair of cardinals brightening our views.

  2. Cactus Wren, Sparrow, and Curve Bill Thrasher here, though they are hiding with yesterday's snowstorm. Once it warms, Mourning and White-wing Dove...still just one Roadrunner here and anywhere in El Paso...just way more paving than habitat?

    I miss seeing house finches that nested in one of my former yuccas, with their poorly-built nests. They left to never return the last few years...

  3. Our birds seem to have been absent for most of the winter. They've only recently returned to our feeders. This morning, there were house sparrows, two pair of Cardinals, a Blue Jay, a Red-bellied Woodpecker and some Mourning Doves. Last week I saw a Carolina Wren and a Yellow-rumped Warbler. We don't often see house finches here, but do get goldfinches seasonally.

  4. The House Finches seem to have deserted my feeders recently, although I now have plenty of American Goldfinches. Things have been slow at my feeders for much of the winter.

    Nice pictures!


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