Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The downtown Dallas you haven't seen

When the San Antonio Express-News travel editor asked if I'd do a "what's new" article on downtown Dallas, I wanted to say no. I don't love large, high-traffic cities.  But I value my relationship with the editor; and the assignment was low-hanging fruit...

The first great experience was staying in The Joule, a luxe hotel with a fabulous spa and a contemporary art collection. 

Eye, a 30 foot tall sculpture by Tony Tassett on The Joule's lawn. 

The Perot Museum of Science and Nature had TWO exhibit halls filled with dinosaurs, one a special exhibit and the other permanent, plus 10 other permanent exhibit halls. 

The museum was so much fun I didn't mind sharing it with 2,000 field-tripping school-children.

And of course I ate and drank, ending with the best dinner in Dallas, a five-course chef's tasting dinner and wine-pairing at FT33 in the design district.  

Chef Matt McAllister and his team work so fast you can't see their hands moving. Matt's dishes have unique flavor combinations of local ingredients, some of which he grows or forages.  His menus change "all the time" because "I get bored doing the same thing".  A good reason for a diner to go again.

In case you're thinking you might like a head-start on a downtown Dallas weekend of your own, my whole story is here: The downtown Dallas you haven't seen. Let me know how your visit goes. 

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  1. It's always nice to see the attractions in a major city - I have never been to Dallas, but have always wanted to go. The giant 'eye' is really awesome, and the museum looks great, too. Looks like a great place to vacation with kids. Now I am humming the theme song to 'Dallas'! :)

  2. Hi Kathleen,
    Looks like I have to put Dallas on my bucket list of travel destinations.
    Thanks for sharing your experience,

  3. Dallas is such a nice place that you will really appreciate traveling all over the place. Thanks for sharing some interesting photos.

  4. Am working with a DFW-based architect on some projects. I need to work in a meeting there, so I can add in this excursion. Being a new Texan, how can I not start learning about Big D.


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