Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Just across way of New Mexico

I'm not saying our move across town was an ordeal. It just felt like one. 

In hindsight, things might have been easier if I hadn't spent a week in southern New Mexico in the middle of packing time. 

But I don't regret the untimely travel.  I discovered treasure in the tiny town of Truth or Consequences, NM where volcanic hot springs issue sweet-smelling water so thick you couldn't drown if you wanted to.  

Soaking in hot springs overlooking the Rio Grande in Truth or Consequences, NM.

Along the road from T or C to Silver City.

A delightfully slow mountain road away, I came to quirky Silver City, a community known for art, food, nature and fun. Also home of The Virginators, anonymous artists creating Virgins of Guadalupe, rewards hidden in the homes and businesses of the meritorious.

Virgin of Guadalupe in an eggshell, discovered in the refrigerator (where else would you keep an egg?) at Bear Mountain Lodge.

Did I mention more than 40 public murals, created through a collaboration of paid professional artists, school-kids and the community?

Plus creative dining?

Dishes at The Curious Kumquat are like lessons in old-master paintings--each layer creates a new dimension.

I can't wait to write about southern New Mexico and to go back.

Now that my computer works I'll also get back to sharing Hill Country mysteries and beyond.

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