Monday, March 31, 2014

Sarge and Mellow and the chance of a lifetime

Around thirty years ago I worked with a big tough-as-nails, sweet-inside guy named Larry. He was the kind of man who could do two tours on the ground in Viet Nam, come back with nightmares and live his way through and out of them.

Eight years ago he found a little gray tabby kitten who became his best friend, along with his wife Kim, his other best friend.

Sarge shadowed Larry. He sat on Larry's desk when he worked from home, watched Saints and LSU football games beside him on the couch and generally supervised his life.

About two years ago Larry called me to say he had cancer. Three weeks later he was gone.

Kim lived through the heartbreak.  Eventually she found a job and went about the motions of life.  

But Sarge was lonely. 

So Kim found Mellow, a rescue tabby, to keep Sarge company while she was at work. The cats took to each other, sleeping and playing together.  

Life was coming together for all of them until Kim began to get and stay sick.  Her doctor says she's developed a severe allergy to cats.  

She can't afford allergy shots and can't afford to stay sick.  The cats have to go, a second heartbreak as she loses their companionship and a living connection to Larry.

Mellow and Sarge need a new home.  Soon. They're easy-care, healthy indoor cats, six and eight years old respectively, neutered, with all their shots.  Sweet and companionable, the cats love people, petting and lap-time and will make whoever gives them a home happy every day.

Have you ever thought how nice it would be to have someone listen to every word you say, who's always happy to see you and shows it every time you touch him?  

Please let me know if you'd like this chance at cat-happiness.  kathleen.scott.tx AT

If you can't take Sarge and Mellow, please share a link to this blog-post on your blog, Facebook, twitter, neighborhood bulletin board, local skywriter or anywhere else that might help these sweet tabbies find a home. 

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  1. A beautiful story with a very sad ending, I hope someone can give those sweet cats a home and keep them together.
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. OK I knew in my head we don't have a good situation for Sarge and Mellow here but I wanted in my heart to be wrong. To make triple sure I asked everyone else here if they thought our current cat herd would absorb any new members and they all assure me that would not, could not happen.

    So...sigh.... No good news from me in terms of a home to offer but all sorts of the very most sincere hopes somebody will have a home that is not already occupied with multiple cats and a heart that is ready to take them in.

    Those faces! What a couple of sweet hearts! Please keep us updated?

  3. Of course, Deb. Could you send an email to your friends? Maybe someone in your area would love to share their home with these sweet boys.

  4. I promoted this blog post on my twitter account, which has 25,000 followers, with hashtag #Austin #SanAntonio #TexasHillCountry

  5. So sad. This made me cry. We have 12 cats here, so I can't even think about adding any more. I will share this link on my FB page and help get the word out.

  6. Thanks to all of you for all the help and efforts! I know we will find my boys a good home.



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