Friday, November 15, 2013

Walking Tours: Seven Cities Worth Exploring by Foot

Galveston's charm lies in it's tropical collision of past and present.  Photo courtesy of Galveston CVB.  

The air is soft, with a salty tang. It cleans your pipes on the way in. Palms dot wide sidewalks in front of sand-colored brick and stone buildings. You share the space with local characters, vacationers and island workers in khakis and tropical shirts.

You're ambling down The Strand in Galveston, everyone's favorite Texas island town and one of the best places in the state to explore on foot, where there's as much to see and do after dark as in daylight.

A brightly painted facade on the 1882 Greenleve, Block & Co. building on The Strand.

Most travel writers like to walk.  You catch nuance you'd miss from car, train or bus.  

Blogger and writer Irene S. Levine gathered vignettes from seven travel writers about their favorite cities to explore on foot, including mine on Galveston. Whether you're an armchair traveler or planning your next trip, check it out on Irene's blog: More Time to Travel.

But before you go, take a second here to share your favorite towns to walk. I'll wave if I see you there.

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  1. Hi Kathleen - Nice to meet you ! As one of the Writer's featured on Irene S. Levine's Favorite Places to Walk post, I just wanted to say hello. It was nice of you to give the post some extra publicity! I look forward to exploring your work on Hill Country Mysteries and will come to join you on Google +, Twitter and any other Social Media Platforms that we both share. I do hope you'll come to check out my online travel magazine as well. If you do, please leave me a comment - as you well know, we writer's love to hear from others! Best regards, Deborah Thompson

  2. All of my choices are out-of-state. It is my impression many (most?) places in Texas are geared to the automobile rather than the walker.

    I loved exploring Portland, OR on foot and Seattle was a treat, but my current favorite is the result of a walking tour I took of San Francisco. [} There were so many treasures impossible to spot until you slowed down to a walker's pace. Architectural details, hidden gardens, it was a walker's dream come true.

  3. Definitely Grand Marais, Mn. A quaint north shore treasure.

  4. Deb, You're right, San Francisco is a great walking town. And Chris, thanks for sharing Grand Marais. It's new to me but I'm with you on the pleasure of exploring small towns with character.


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