Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Spaces -- Mediterranean Meets Texas

From the back porch of Sandy and Gary Howard's hillside Horseshoe Bay home, they can see Lake LBJ glittering under the Texas sun.  The view reminds them of  of Italy's Amalfi coast. In fact,  Sandy says they live in the "Riviera of Texas."

I enjoy writing "Spaces" articles for the San Antonio Express-News--I learn so much every time.  

Visiting with Sandy in this Horseshoe Bay home was a lesson in how to make a home feel like an Italian coastal retreat--even if you live 250 miles from the coast.  In case that sounds good to you, here's the article: Mediterranean meets Texas.

You'll probably like it even more if you drink a glass of red wine as you read.

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  1. So many secret and breathtaking (and unexpected!) places in this vast country.

  2. I have two thoughts in response to this:
    1) The couple in the article had such a clear vision and executed it consistently - a lovely treatment of a property with a great water view.

    2) Testing that final suggestion out - I'll come back and reread with a glass of red (as opposed to this AM's once over with a cuppa coffee)) and see if my enjoyment increases. Science... it is all about the science.

  3. In an odd way, your area does resemble the Mediterranean, with the hills and live oaks. I'm picturing that home and especially outside spaces, using different plant and hardscape combinations, and how that might look...may take some red wine this evening!

  4. Hi Kathleen,
    When we were looking for places to move to, Lake LBJ [not Horseshoe Bay, though] was on our list, too. But we finally gave Fredericksburg the preference.
    Take care, and have a great weekend,


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