Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hill Country Invasion

Don't be alarmed, it's almost over.  We haven't found a live one in the house since the weather turned cool. 

I'm fond of saying we never know what we'll find when we open our front door. But that wasn't true in October when the forces of the universe coalesced into an outbreak of millipedes with a side of centipedes for scare.  We didn't walk barefoot.
Millipede above.  They don't sting.  Red-headed centipede below.  Nasty sting and grow to 6" long.

It wasn't just us, either.  People talked about it in the line at the grocery store and at the mailbox as they picked up their mail. Mostly millipedes, by the dozens. Little crawlies inching along the floor from the door, creeping up the shower wall, dead and curled into a crispy coil.

I'm blaming it on the phase of the moon or a planet in retrograde or maybe the hot air from Washington D.C.  Whatever, we're glad it's over.

I hope our next invasion is butterflies.

American Snout, photo taken during American Snout invasion of 2009.

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  1. Yecch! I'm rarely squeamish about any animals but I might make an exception for millipedes and centipedes.

  2. Millipedes seem to find their way into our house after rain and pill bugs too! And once we had one of those centipedes. I promptly put a basin over it and left it for my husband to deal with! They do have a nasty sting.

  3. Those centipedes are nasty looking! I'm happy to say we haven't seen any of those around our place (so far - I know it is probably not a matter of "if" but "when").

    We've been seeing multiple hatches of green mayflies here. I'm tempted to take a calendar outside, see if I can convince them they are way too late or way too early!

  4. Ew ew ewww! Glad they're gone. And yes, absolutely butterflies.

  5. we get millipedes and scorpions invading the house in the fall. yuck!

  6. So it's not just raccoons! Thanks for inviting me. You certainly get your share of invasions. Hey, some of those millipedes smell exactly (and strongly) like almond extract if you shake them up a little. No such luck with this one?

    Thank you for making me feel better about my annual (four-month) sugar ant invasion, and the fruit fly flotilla. We've got it pretty soft.

  7. Hi Kathleen,
    What we had this summer slightly more than usual where scorpions. So we had to be diligent walking round in the house. But what was really an invasion were the grasshoppers in the garden. We were afraid they might kill the plants. Fortunately, though, everything seems to have survived.
    Best regards,


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