Sunday, November 3, 2013

Coming Soon: Cedar Fever Season

The yellow rain starts in mid-December; a silky mist of cedar pollen floating on the wind, staining the land and sending Hill Country residents to the doctor.  The doctor may prescribe medication.  It may reduce symptoms ...but nothing completely stops head-splitting, cough-and-shiver-inducing cedar fever once you have it.  

We know why it happens.  And where--anywhere within wind-distance of Ashe or Mountain junipers. Some experts say the pollen can travel 50 miles in a good wind. 

But there may be a preventive, if you act fast.  I don't say it works or that you should take it, just that Denny and I do; and we haven't had the dreaded fever for the five years we've been making and taking the stuff we call Cedar Fever Potion. 

My friend Phoebe made a batch this year and shared with us. I was just as glad not to make it. Now that our home is 'For Sale' I'm leery of making potions that fog the rooms with a smell akin to cat-piss.  I'm pretty sure the odor wouldn't help sell the house.

If your house isn't for sale and you want to know more about making potion, click here. But we're not doctors so you're on your own with risk and all that.

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  1. I cry "foul" - your post with the recipe specifies it must be started mid-October and here you are writing about it in November. I know you are a generous soul otherwise I'd wonder about that... : ).

    I am not a cedar shut-in but am rather knocked flat by the live oaks each Spring. Seems all the trees around here are beautiful but vengeful!

  2. You're right about my timing; thinking a little late is better than never.

  3. I understand the smaller…are you leaving the area or staying within RC? RC is usually a peaceful place with a few exceptions as of recent. :) I know it would not me but it is disturbing.

  4. Hi Pamela, we're just looking to downsize, will stay in the area.


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