Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Spaces -- Stories of people and their places

A house is more than shelter--our homes are refuge, comfort, self-expression, sometimes art.  

I've begun finding and writing stories of people who've created homes that fit them, and how they did it.  I get to meet interesting folks.  And I learn something every visit.

From Sandy in Horseshoe Bay, I learned to make lemonade.  Her powder room had a leak for which tile had to be removed and she had no matching tile.  But she had imagination.  Now the bathroom floor is one of her favorite spaces.

Lory and Gary's story of creating "retopia" in a wildlife refuge was published in the San Antonio Express-News a couple of weeks ago:  A retiring life in the country.  

My stories are about Hill Country folks and homes but ideas are universal. You may find something you like so I'll post my articles here as they're published.  

And I'd love to connect if you have ideas to share.  Making our houses into homes is part of the art of life.

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  1. A gorgeous home with amazing views. I can't imagine how I'd get anything done (other than sip beverages and stare out windows) in a location with such a continuing parade of wildlife. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. "Making our houses into homes is part of the art of life."

    Wonderful thought! I like that.

  3. Brilliant concept, flawlessly executed, Kathleen. I'll look forward to following your home stories.


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