Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Autumn in the Hill Country

The coming of Autumn in the Texas Hill Country is marked by the sound of breathing. Every living thing, having survived the desiccation of August, inhales and releases.  The breeze of collective sigh caresses hills, streams and meadows.

Esperanza in bloom, a welcome sight to migrant hummingbird stragglers.

In good years, there are autumn rains; gardens return to green and flowers sprinkle the landscape.  This was a good year--three big rains and multiple drippy days since September 4th.       

I thought you might enjoy a look; after all, happiness should be shared.

Our back "yard" has no turf but plenty of bloom.

The cardinals have eaten all the berries from the beautyberry bushes on the right and are working on the tall ones to the left now.

Out front, the dwarf barbados cherry bushes were so surprised by recent rain, the plants put on a flush of flowers to go with the berries already on the branches.

From our kitchen table, we watch cardinals snacking on berries as we eat breakfast.

Juvenile male cardinal at brunch in July. His plumage is fully red now.

The pigeon berry plants on the porch are another cardinal draw.

For the cats too, since they're dedicated bird-watchers when they're not playing.

Alexa (the pint-sized attacker) joined us in early September as an 18 ounce stray.  Denny and I were surprised when Ernest didn't eat her.  

She thinks he's the best toy.  He thinks she's a nuisance.  By the time it gets cold here they'll be sleeping together.

My schoolhouse lilies were a month late to class this year, blooming at the beginning of October.

Mother Nature keeps her own time.

We're savoring the views, more this fall than ever. We've listed our home for sale; ready for something smaller.  

But I'll treasure the sights and sounds of this place.

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  1. Love your posts! Will you be sharing a link to your real estate listing? it looks like a beautiful place!

  2. Wow, I am so glad you shared your garden here ~ it is so beautiful! Congrats on your new cat, she is a cutie!

  3. That Alexa is a cutie - no wonder Ernest (and the rest of you) were charmed.

    Your place is so beautifully surrounded - I have no doubts you'll be successful with the sale. It will be nice to have all your gorgeous photos here on the blog to help you remember. Are you/D staying in the country or relocating to more urban settings?

    (The deer don't bother the Barbados cherry?)

  4. Simply Me, I'd be happy to send you a link to the house sale listing. Send your email address to kathleen.scott.tx AT

    Thanks, Stacy. Alexa is simply the cutest kitten in the world.

    Deb, Denny and I are staying in the area; we'd like to be closer to town. Deer eat the dwarf barbados cherry in bad years. I have a small ornamental fence around the bushes which seems to do the trick.

  5. Your garden and home look beautiful! Whoever purchases your house is going to be one lucky person. Hopefully, it will be someone who truly appreciates all the hard work you have put into your garden.

    PS Being a former real estate agent, I can definitely tell you that landscaping will help you sell a house. We sold our former home in 4 days because the buyer feel in love with the garden. Good Luck!

  6. It looks wonderful Kathleen. The little stray looks adorable. A couple of years ago, we took in a stray cat and her kittens and they have enhanced our lives so much we are glad they found us. Callie and our Merlin play like your little one and Earnest, when they're not snuggled together on the couch/bed/armchair. Good luck with your move. I'm sure that leaving that beautiful place will be a little bittersweet.

  7. Great scenes, including those cat birders! They are good at that...

    Moving - wow! I'm glad I was able to stay with you both up there, so peaceful. But with your nearby town, I could see wanting to live there, too. Can;t wait to hear what you find.


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