Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wild Views at Brushy Top

Female elk pauses on a ridgeline at Brushy Top, outside of Blanco, Texas.

Would you like to wake up to this morning view?  

I'm writing a lifestyle article about a sand-colored ridge-top home in Brushy Topa former big game ranch, now a wildlife preserve and residential development outside of Blanco in the Texas Hill Country 

The homeowners chose the location to capture an extended vision of space; and to experience life among the elk, blackbuck antelope, scimitar-horned oryx and other wildlife that frequent the water troughs and mineral licks outside their back door.

A male blackbuck antelope with his harem. 

You never know what you'll find in the Texas Hill Country.

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  1. So these people are running an exotic game preserve of some sort? I may be a city gal but those don't look like the usual Hill Country salt lick ruminants!

  2. Hi Kathleen,
    Is that a hint, "ein Wink mit dem Zaunpfahl" [= a suggestion with a fence pole], as we say in German, for us who're still looking for Hill Country Property? ;) It's really lovely. Wildlife is one of the reasons that might still persuade us to live outside of Fredericksburg.
    Best regards from Karnes City,

  3. Elk and oryx - oh my! Nice mix of wildlife to be sure.


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