Friday, July 12, 2013

Real Ale at the Redbud Cafe

Sometimes a few hours can be a vacation, especially when it involves food, drink and friends.

Which happened today at the Redbud Cafe when I joined 'the girls' for a jaunt to Blanco. Catching up with each other was good; the food at the Redbud Cafe worth the drive.  

And the chance to sip a fresh ale from local brewer Real Ale was better than icing on the cake. Other people may lust over the coconut sweetness of macaroons or the chocolate bite in triple chocolate cookies, both made on site, but I'll take the taste of Real Ale any day.

Phoebe and I split a sampler of four Real Ale specialties, choosing from among the eight on tap, more than the number poured at the brewery, in fact the largest number carried by anyone anywhere.

I'd like to say our tasting was a scientific endeavor but really, it was tongue travel.  

We started with the Rio Blanco Pale Ale, which was a clear reddish color, with a light and slightly fruity flavor.  On a 1-5 scale, Phoebe gave it a 2.5 and I gave it a 3.  Doesn't mean you wouldn't give it a 10, but we tend to go for darker brews.

Second was Brewhouse Brown, smooth, malty and toasty, complex with a hint of spice on the finish. Brewhouse Brown was Phoebe's favorite, she gave it her highest score, 4.5.  It's one of my favorites too, I gave it a 4.0.

The 17th Anniversary Ale is an unusual brew, 14% alcohol.  On first taste, sweetness balanced hoppiness but a likeable bite lingered in the back of the throat and a touch of acid tingle enlivened the flavor.  P's score was 3.0, mine was 3.75.

Our last was Mysterium Vernum (translation "Real Mystery").  Mysterium is actually a series. For more than three years the brewers have tried aging different formulations in oak barrels. 
Today's brew had a caramel aroma and flavor, maybe a bit of tannin. Plus undertones of dark chocolate, leather and deep cherry fruit.  I'm guessing the barrel age adds some of this.  A unique and intriguing brew. I rated it a 5.0, Phoebe gave it a 2.0.

Which reminded me of my grandmother's saying, "Everyone to her own taste, said the old lady that kissed the cow."

If you want to do your own sampling, visit the brewery on Fridays from 2 - 5 p.m. for a tour and tasting. Real Ale, 231 San Saba Ct., Blanco, 830-833-2534.

Or go whole-hog and try all eight at the Redbud Cafe,
410 4th St., Blanco, on the square across from the courthouse.  830-833-0202, closed on Mondays. 

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  1. Long ago and far away the Hub and I made our first trip to Blanco to try out the Redbud based upon your reporting. Now I'm thinking it's time to revisit for sure. Cold local beer on tap in combination with good food and good company is hard to beat!

  2. "Everyone to her own taste, said the old lady that kissed the cow."

    I'm gonna need to use that one...

    Thanks for the tip on Redbud. We'll have to add it to our long list of places we should try when we get a moment.

  3. Hi Kathleen,
    You really made my mouth water. And to stop it from watering and get something more pleasant onto my tongue to taste, I went to Whole Foods in San Antonio today and, among others, got myself a sample case of beers of the Real Ale Brewing Company. After supper I tried their Brewhouse Brown Ale and enjoyed it a lot. Here's the link to my blog-post about it:
    Maybe you'll enjoy reading my post as much as I enjoyed yours. Some time (soon), though, I'll have to go to Blanco and taste their beers freshly drawn fromn the cask.
    Best regards from southern Texas,
    P.S.: If you like to taste sone different types of beers, German ones that is, I'd recommend the Friesenhaus in New Braunfels. They have quite a good selection on tap there.


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