Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pedernales Cellars Viognier 2012 -- Lively and Layered

In the last six or seven years a number of new Hill Country wineries have begun producing rave-review wines. Pedernales Cellars outside of Fredericksburg is one of my favorites. 

Denny and I were celebrating day's end recently and opened one of my few bottles of Pedernales Cellars 2012 Viognier, a 100% Texas-grown wine.

A good Viognier wakes you up and slows you down at the same time. This award-winning Viognier is good. Imagine a crisp tongue tingle with an edge of tropical pineapple and grapefruit followed by a glide of peach and honey with a whisper of flowery spice at the end.

Then imagine yourself sipping from a glass of this light gold goodness, sitting before a sunset, watching flows of glowing light layer the sky, letting the synthesis of light and flavor sweep life's minutiae from your mind.

Welcome to the magic of fine wine made and tasted in the Texas Hill Country. 

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  1. That sounds like an absolutely delightful experience! I'm sure the wine is fine, but the narrative is award-winning!

  2. Well, say. I like the idea of gliding peaches and want my own whispers of flowery spices. Please sign me up for some of what you're having!

    I do thoroughly enjoy Viogniers, especially in hotter weather. I recall reading that our Central Texas clime is right up their alley.

    I most recently enjoyed a chilly Viognier with fish tacos and found the pairing to be delightful. Thanks for pointing the way to yet another Central Texas delight (this time one we can all enjoy without leaving the driveway).

  3. Hi Kathleen,
    I enjoyed reading this post as I really like a Viognier, especially (a well-chilled one) now in the heat. I think I'll have to look for that - or a different one soon. I did enjoy a bottle of Viognier [I'm sorry I don't remember the provenance] recently, while reading Ellen Crosby's "The Viognier Vendetta". I enjoyed that "wine mystery" a few weeks ago. As to the title: interestingly, the paperback edition is called "Vintage Vendetta", because the publisher was of the opinion that the prospective readers wouldn't know that grape and wouldn't be able to pronounce it!
    Take care, stay cool, and enjoy a good bottle of Texas wine,

  4. I could certainly go for a glass of wine while enjoying that lovely sunset!


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