Thursday, July 18, 2013

Boerne, Texas -- Small town with a big appetite

A while back I spent a weekend in Boerne, a colorful Hill Country town of around 10,000 folks. 

It's easy to do, especially if you like being spoiled.

My sister Jane and I checked into a suite in an 1860's era building at Ye Kendall Inn. A ghostly man in uniform is rumored to share quarters in the older rooms. 

We didn't see him, guess we'll have to try again.

Shoppers enjoy wandering the quaint downtown where garden toys, kitchen implements, women's finery, antiques, home goods and more attract the eye.  A shopper on vacation never knows what she'll need.

The last friend I took to Boerne--Chef Kitty of Hill Country Coconut Pie Tour fame-- returned to Florida with a tanned cowhide big enough to cover a wall in her beachside Blue Star Wine Bar, in tribute to Texas.

Jane and I were in town the second weekend of the month, the same weekend as Boerne Market Days when regional Texas vendors take over the town park next to Ye Kendall Inn.

At Gypsy Couture's decked-out trailer I found a fun fake turquoise necklace with sparkles and dangles, the kind of thing a woman wears on vacation. And I feel like I'm on vacation every time I wear it.  

Boerne has a number of art galleries, which host a Second Saturday Art Night.  Galleries stay open late and greet visitors with nibbles and wine. Among my favorites was Carriage House Gallery of Artists, owned and operated by 10 partner artists who were happy to talk about their water colors, oil paintings, pottery and sculpture.

When we weren't shopping, Jane and I sipped and supped.

I've posted before about Dodging Duck Brewhouse's much-better-than pub grub and made-on-site brew. Elk-burgers, Thai chicken-peanut lettuce wraps and more go with the beer.

We spent a couple of hours lingering over fine wine in a lovely setting at The Boerne Wine Company.

Boerne is home to more good food than you can manage in a weekend, but we made a sincere effort.

At the Bear Moon Bakery & Cafe, baked goods, soups and sandwiches transcend the ordinary.

The Creek Restaurant sits above the banks of Cibolo Creek.  I thought my dinner of Roasted Quail with Granola Stuffing, finished with Brandy Golden Raisin Reduction was equally splendid.

As was Sunday Brunch at Little Gretel.  Folks drive from San Antonio and Austin for the restaurant's authentic house-made Kolaches.

To balance our intake, we picked up a Historic Walking Tour pamphlet from the Visitor's Center and wandered among 140 buildings in the historic downtown area.

But my favorite Boerne activity is just outside of town, where a visit to Cave Without A Name  takes me beyond the ticking of time.

The next time you want a weekend away, consider Boerne ( ) --then let me know how much fun you had.

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  1. Thanks for that nice overview and reminder of how much there is to see and do in Boerne. I mostly, (barely), remember it as the place where we would stop for lunch after my Mom and Aunt would pick me up from Camp Capers on the way back to San Antonio. I don't know where we stopped back then, but I'm sure the options were far fewer and less classy. Kolaches for sure, but Thai chicken peanut lettuce wraps probably weren't on any local menus at the time. Maybe not in the whole state! Sounds like Boerne is doing a fine job of honoring the past while providing the best of the present. That's good to know. Thanks for the bringing us along on your Boerne excursion Kathleen.

  2. 1 more place I must visit within a few hours of SA / Austin next time *out*! Your food and historic building choices are amazing.

  3. Boerne is a quaint ittle town. That one antique store on the corner especially takes you back. Next visit I'm determined to try a Thai wrap. And if I remember correctly Little Gretel is situated just steps away from my husband's home when he was a small child.

    By the way, have you been to the restaurant with all the plates on the wsll? Its called Jo Jo "s or Do Jo s or something like that? A short jaunt into the country. Food wasn't spectacular but those plates are worth the trip.

  4. It's not JoJo's or DoJo's, it's Popo's and it's just up the road north of Boerne in Welfare/Waring. There's a new Cafe on Main that serves home cookin' just opened.

  5. Aha! I haven't been to Popo's but the Welfare Cafe is just down the road a few miles and it's worth a drive.


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