Thursday, June 6, 2013

Green Chile Heaven in New Mexico

Harvest Cafe green chile dishes at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque.

I've written before about the transformative power of Hatch green chiles. A hit of heat, the taste of green, an acid tingle on the tip of your tongue...and the feeling as you finish your first bite that the stars are aligned for happiness.

Denny and I toured New Mexico in April, interviewing chefs and green chile experts and sampling green chile dishes and drinks.

Green Chile Margarita from Sadie's, the old 4th Street location, in Albuquerque. 

New Mexico green chile adds a fine mean streak to a margarita.  Not to mention a substantial hit of vitamin C, which makes a margarita a health drink, right?
My assignment was to interview chefs about the unique flavor of New Mexico green chiles and how cooks can use them at home, finishing with recipes from the chefs.

At Golden Crown Panaderia in Albuquerque, the dough for their trademark Green Chile Bread is also made into a tasty green chili pizza crust.

I'm working on the article now.  Recipes will include the margarita you see above, toothsome Turquoise Trail Sliders, the famed La Fonda Santa Fe Huevos Rancheros and more.   The newspaper story will run in a couple of months but you can enjoy this glimpse of green chile heaven right now.

Albuquerque's Gold Street Caffe serves a best-in-the-west Green Chile Cheese Biscuit. 

In downtown Albuquerque, Hotel Andaluz's fine-dining restaurant Lucia offers a Roasted Green Chile Stew. Upstairs at the hotel's terrace tapas bar Ibiza, Green Chile Strips with Cucumber Aoli are a crowd favorite.  

Lest you think green chiles are restricted to Old New Mexico cuisine, Chef Andrew Cooper at the Four Seasons Resort Rancho Encantado Santa Fe serves flavorful Green Chile Braised Short-ribs.

And an amazing Dark Chocolate Souffle with Green Chile Cream.

Which proves New Mexico green chiles enhance virtually everything. 

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  1. i love spicy foods.......hope u enjoyed those mouth-watering dishes......

  2. Chiles are a BIG DEAL in New Mexico!

  3. All of that looks so yummy and just reminds me of how much I like New Mexico and enjoy the culture there.

  4. Try the foods of Southern New Mexico. They are similar, wonderful and a bit different, plus that is where the chile is grown.

  5. Of all the Southwestern varieties of border influenced cuisine, New Mexico stands out as the most interesting and memorable to me.

    Not surprising that chilies would be so tastefully integrated into every course and meal time. Great theme for an exploration of beautiful NM.

    I wasn't in NM, but I did have my first 'rita with a habanero twist last summer and it was a very interesting combination of chilly and chili.

    Those bisquits look addictive.

    Thanks for the tasty tour. Great photos as always.

  6. Years ago, new friends we'd made who had lived for years previously in ABQ introduced us to many of the wonders of cooking with green chiles. They are incredibly versatile and if I had to choose a single pepper to go with me to a desert island? It would have to be green chiles (sorry, jalapeƱo - you'll come along only if I get two choices).

    Thanks for a peek into NM's delectable cuisine!

  7. I love good NM Green Chili. I live in San Antonio now, but grew up in Albuquerque.
    Every so often I have to come home for my "FIX". I have to admit i am a addict.
    Thank God this is one addiction there is no cure for.
    Look forward to all recepies, that I can fix out here.
    One thing you cannot get here is Carne Adovado. Have to make my own.


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