Thursday, June 20, 2013

Adventures in Eating

My mother used to do Adventures in Eating nights when I was a child.  Mom would pick a dish we hadn't tried from another country and we'd learn about the country as well as the food.  

She says now that it was a way to stretch the budget by making hamburger du jour.  What I remember is learning about India on curry night and Italy on pasta night.

I had a brainstorm last week for a Texas Adventures in Eating dinner.  It came while I was pruning the prostrate rosemary out back.  Rosemary limbs were rooting and taking over an herb bed, the mulched paths and soon the world.  I had a bagful of clippings...

The idea was to use the rosemary as a cooking bed on the grill for carefully seasoned, lean grass-fed beef patties.  Over a low fire, the rosemary fronds would smoke, the meat would pick up the sharp, piney scent, we'd love it.

Denny thought the patties would disintegrate into char but he agreed to try it if we put the rosemary on the unlit side of the grill with the meat over the fire, lid closed to keep in smoke.

I don't have a photo of what I saw on my second trip out to check on Denny and our dinner.  

But I can tell you that our cedar-lined porch ceiling didn't catch fire, thankfully.

Not one of my mother's Adventures in Eating nights...

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  1. I used to do that with our kids - I called it "broaden your horizons" night. The kids called it "I wish we could get take-out like normal people do".

    Glad your adventure didn't get too far out of hand. But you didn't tell us - did you salvage the burgers?


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