Monday, May 13, 2013

Some Mysteries Come to You

We travel to find the unexpected...sometimes it's just outside our front door.

Ernest takes his supervisory responsibilities seriously.  He monitors my work and the yard simultaneously from his post in a basket on my desk.

One morning last week he bolted up from a dead sleep, streaking toward the kitchen windows, a high thin hunting whine trailing behind.  

I followed to see this:

Fox. In full morning sun about 20 feet from the kitchen windows.  

We haven't seen him/her in ages, due to our repentance for the sin of leaving Purina dog chow out on the rocks for him/her.  

That practice brought not only five lovely foxes to the feeding rocks just after dark each evening, but a nightly cast of raccoons, possums and skunks.  Many mornings I awoke to the smell of angry skunk.

The night I opened the door to the sight of a dozen skunks jousting for position, I repented.

As I said, that was some time back.  So why was Fox in my front yard in broad daylight when he/she is a night person?

Look closely, see if you can find the answer in this picture:
Fox is on clean-up duty.  

We put peanuts-in-the-shell out for the scrubjays in the morning. By nightfall, the jays, titmice, squirrels, deer, etc. have finished them off.  

Fox is just beating the crowd to brunch. 

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  1. What primitive wildness in that fox's gaze --

  2. Your Kitty is a wonderful supervisor. That Fox is beautiful! It is so rare to see them these days.

    PS I know you have featured Painted Buntings on your blog before. I finally had the pleasure of seeing one in person in my backyard. They are gorgeous!

  3. I love the foxes. Nice photo op. Here they feast on my pomegranates and the native persimmons in the fall. However my neighbor puts out food and he has bobcats and the like. They are attracted to the other animals that come to his fodder. I disagree with him but then he also doesn't recycle. I ask you.

  4. I think the deer also like those peanuts. But the fox doesn't destroy our landscaping. Plus, he's cute. On the other hand, we don't raise chickens...

  5. Wonderful photos dear Kathleen, it is always lovely to have a kitty close by when you are working at your computer.
    Mine always let me know when someone or another animal is around...what a clever fox cleaning up the yard.
    xoxoxo ♡

  6. We occasionally see a fox in the neighborhood. We were all surprised and delighted to find one napping on our fence in the morning sun one day. I had no idea what drew him (her?) in but after reading this now realize - it might have been our pomegranate trees.

    It is such a treat to share our suburban space with many of the most adaptable wild creatures, and as Denny remarks, the foxes don't ruin the landscaping!

  7. Hi Kathleen,
    I've never seen foxes around here at our place, and, luckily, I've not SEEN skunks either - only smelled them. ;) But we do have possums [once in a while] and raccoons [frequently]. The raccoons especially like the cat and dog food. We feed our animals in our old, open garage, and we usually don't take the left-overs inside in the evenings. So that's a feast then for any nocturnal animal.
    Best regards from southern Texas,
    P.S.: I'm in the last-minute oreparations for our trip to England and Scotland.

  8. Ha...guess I need to outfox others for my food (work). Like I need more to do!

  9. Love to see foxes! My dad saw one just the other day out behind our house. I put out water a couple of years ago hoping to attract, but was unsuccessful.


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