Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Hill Country Mysteries

398 posts ago, the first episode of Hill Country Mysteries was a mix of  hummingbirds and the nature of time. Nearing the 400th post, HCM's horizons are broader but the focus is still unique stories, sights and insights. 

Some early stories, published before many folks read this space, are too interesting to leave buried...

There are Texanisms, like this breakfast analogy of truth: "There ain't no flapjack so thin it don't have two sides."  Or the one that clinches a story about the middle-aged-men's group and Delbert McClinton.

Others are weavings of  joy and pain, real as a pair of cheesy Christmas socks. Or a bowl of perspective.

Most Texans believe reality shouldn't get in the way of a good yarn, like seeing Queen Elizabeth in a local longhorn pasture.

And exaggeration is not exaggeration if there's passion involved.

You won't find a Texan who doesn't talk about water from the sky.  Here in the Hill Country, we dance when it rains  until it rains too much.

At day's end, what is life without good wine made in the neighborhood?  From wineries such as Sister Creek Vineyards in the town of Sister Creek, population 25-63, depending on who's counting.  

We find the drama of nature in our countryside.  And the humor.

Hope you'll join me in raising a Margarita toast to another 400 posts.

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