Monday, May 20, 2013

Granbury Tornadoes, May 15, 2013

Granbury's 19th Century Courthouse

I've been thinking of writing an article about the wonderful 'G' towns of Texas, particularly Granbury, Glen Rose and Galveston.  

Nothing against Garland, Georgetown or any of the other G's, but the first three have a hold on my imagination with colorful stories and fine historical buildings, fun activities, good eateries and a special sense of place.  In fact, I like the towns so much I've written articles about all three (links above).

Granbury's historic square.  Many of the structures were built from local stone or brick.

But I hadn't planned on writing this.

Last week, tornadoes tore through Granbury, killing six, sending maybe 50 to the hospital and destroying about 100 homes.

 Photo by G. J. McCarthy for The Dallas Morning News.

Somehow the loss is more poignant in a town of only 8,000 souls, small enough that people know each other; or if they don't, they know second/ third-hand stories.  

Having the sky bury people is the stuff of nightmares.

Today I'm thankful the people I met are safe, the heart of town still stands and help has been swift.

For anyone who wants to help residents get back on their feet, donations may be made to the Red Cross.

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  1. I remember 2004 in Florida when our house was hit by 3 hurricanes in 18 months and enduring summer humidity day after day until weeks later the power came back on. The adversity these folks are experiencing is worse than that.

  2. And today we are hearing more details on the devastation in the wake of lethal storms in Oklahoma. A stirring reminder of both how fragile and how strong we humans are (and must be).

  3. You forgot Georgetown in your "G" towns Great old buildings are good restaurant.


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