Monday, December 3, 2012

Gruene Lights

I love twinkling lights around Christmas, for the fairyland feel in the bare time of year.

In Gruene, a village built by settlers more than 150 years ago and revitalized in the 1970's by a man's devotion to music and history, Gruene Hall  is decked for the season.   

Texas musicians know they've 'arrived' when they play Gruene Hall, the oldest continuously operating dancehall in Texas.  It's not fancy--you'll dance on the original scarred floors, there's no glass in the windows, no heat or AC, but people come from around the state to hear future legends play. 

Of course there's more to Gruene than the Hall.  Dancers need fuel and Gruene holds a number of eateries including the old Gristmill perched above the Guadalupe River. Get a table outside with a river-view in warm weather and inside by the fire when it's not.

Or sip a Texas wine from a spot on the Grapevine's friendly porch.  If you like that idea, take my advice and go for a bottle of anything made by Pedernales Cellars in Stonewall, especially the Albarino. You're welcome.

A Gruene night--good food, delicious wine and toe-tapping music--might be the best gift you give yourself all year.

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  1. What a memorable evening that was, when you and Denny took me to Gruene Hall to see a good no-name band! What an interesting area, too...

  2. Your photos and evening out sound enchanting. Thanks for the vicarious trip. :)

  3. Very pretty, we always enjoy our visits there. The lights are so well done, I need to go at night sometime.

  4. Love Gruene Hall. Don't think I've ever been at Christmas time but it looks snazzy from here.


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