Sunday, November 4, 2012

More Rufous Hummingbirds

Subadult Rufous Hummingbird

The last ruby-throated and blackchinned hummingbirds passed through here weeks ago.  Hopefully they're well along the way to buggy, flowery wintering grounds in Mexico and Central America. 

But two new hummingbirds flew in a couple of weeks ago--both subadult rufous hummingbirds (male I think).  They've been here at least a week now.  

Same thing happened last year and one stayed all winter.  Nobody told him that we're not on his migratory route and even if we were, he's supposed to keep going before cold kills the bugs and flowers in our garden.

I'm hoping these two are just topping up their tanks before they move along.   

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  1. I think this might be the definitive hummingbird photo!

  2. If they are indeed subadult males then I think you can only count upon them to do the opposite of what might be considered "good for them". By which I mean to say that sort of contrarian behavior seems to be typical for all subadult males. Don't expect them to clean up after themselves or shut any doors, either. Goes with the territory.

  3. From what I hear, rufous hummers overwinter in Central Texas. I'm going to leave up one feeder this winter in hopes that we'll get one/some.

  4. Hi Kathleen,
    I really like this picture. Great shot. Unfortunately we didn't have any hummingbirds around our place this year, even with the feeders out. But we managed to see quite a few when we stayed at Deer Ridge Cottage in Cain City earloier this year. I still need to post some pictures in my "Bilderbuch" blog.
    Take care, and Happy Thanksgiving,


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