Friday, October 19, 2012

Five Plants for Fall Color

Gone are triple-digit thermometer readings and the tension that wires my shoulders.  It's Autumn in the Texas Hill Country.   

Have the trees turned to flame?  No. But in my garden, color smiles from blooms, seeds and berries year after year in five native perennials I shared with readers of the San Antonio Express-NewsDress your landscape in fall colors .  


Birds and butterflies like them too. 

Click the link above to plant a mental seed for fall color in your landscape.

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  1. So gorgeous! That purple is unreal!

  2. Wonderful suggestions. I enjoyed the article.

  3. Those folks in San Antonio have no idea how fortunate they are to simply have you delivered to their doorsteps! Thanks for broadening the circle.

  4. Hi Kathleen,
    Thanks for the suggestions. It gives us something to really think of as we need to replant quite a few areas here, mostly going from lawn to xeriscaping. I have saved this blog entry plus the article from the SA Express-News to my computer so as to always be able to pull it up again for reference. Take care, and have a great weekend,
    P.S.: Even with more rain this year [24.24 inches so far] than last year [15.3] our lawn is in a pitiful state. And, despite our efforts at watering them, some trees died on us, among them an Arizona Cypress and a Possum Paw. Hopefully we can replace them and get them ro thrive.

  5. I enjoyed that article - good take, no need for fall foliage with those other plant attributes! We need more thinking like that in the SW desert.

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  7. Great article Kathleen. I wish I had more luck with Hamelia Patens. I had two beautiful bushes where I used to live, but I've planted three here and they have all died :-( Oh well, there's always next year.


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