Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Grafton, Vermont

New England felt like a lush foreign country.  We left a brown Texas landscape in Stage II drought with afternoons soaring toward 100 degrees.  It rained in Vermont and then in Maine for nine straight days, everything was green and I needed a coat most of the time.  

Our Vermont visit was so great I'm sharing a bit of Grafton, Vermont with my Hill Country friends, knowing they'll appreciate views cool and green.
Grafton, Vermont, home of 600 people, 40+ sheep and Saxtons River.  You can see why they're named the Green Mountains.

 The White Church, built in the early 1800's.  Simple, serene, lovely setting for a wedding. 
Also home to a chipmunk... churchmunk?

In the center of town, the old-fashioned post office.   

There has been worry it might be closed.

We saw McWilliams Covered Bridge.  It's newish--about 50 years old, a youngster in the world of covered bridges--named for a local farming family.

And lovely old homes, square and white, many preserved and owned by the Windham Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to preserving rural Vermont. This is the Grafton Library, originally the Butterfield House, circa 1811.

Three museums!  Nature, history and minerals.

A petrified wood spirit.

Plus a working forge, multiple art galleries, hiking trails, a genuine swimming pond and air so sweet it tasted like dessert. 

The Windham Sheep exhibition might have been my favorite.  The residents gave us a Texas welcome.

And at the end of the day, sweet dreams at the Grafton Inn.  The Inn has been bedding travelers for more than 200 years, including luminaries like Thoreau and Kipling.  

I understand why. The rooms and common areas felt like home--only nicer--the beds were the best I've ever slept in, and they served fabulous blueberry pancakes made with local berries topped by maple syrup made right down the road.

Yes, I'd go back.
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  1. It was one of the coolest weddings I've ever attended, both brides were beautiful and happy. I had too many drinks so I danced a lot. It rained but that was okay, it was like a second spring. An amazing change of pace.

  2. That's one of the best times to be in Vermont -- so green and beautiful. I've experienced their winters (my youngest sister went to college in Burlington), and they were brutal!

  3. What, no pictures of Denny dancing?

    That's all right - the photos you did share are beautifully green and calm and green and cool and did I mention how much I appreciate how green it all is? Aaaaaahhhh.

  4. Next time, maybe you can stay a little longer so we can play. I'm glad you two got to see New England in the summer, when the green is dense and rich, like Ireland. Best to both of you.

  5. Aahh! A vacation in the green, sounds like just what you needed. Love the pictures. x0 N2


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