Sunday, May 13, 2012

Thanks to the Meanest Mama on the Block

When I was a girl, my mother was the only adult in the neighborhood who jumped rope with the kids in the driveway.  She joined us for Monopoly and Clue on Friday Game Night.  

She created "Adventures in Eating" dinners with unfamiliar dishes from around the world and conversation about where the dishes came from--people, geography and culture.  I didn't love her curry but all these years later I still love new experiences.

We moved every three years, sometimes more often, and Mom made every move an adventure.  We could leave our friends and schools without heartache because the next great place was going to be so much fun. 

Our home was loving but it wasn't loosy-goosy.  Mother wasn't afraid to say no.  And nothing Susie's mother allowed was going to change Mother's mind.  She had a one sentence answer.  "I'm the meanest Mama on the block and don't you forget it." Unarguable logic.

Her example gave her three daughters the backbone to tackle hard things, the courage to reach out to others and the joy of life-long learning.

Thank you Mom. 

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