Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Not photo-shopped
Sometimes the best view is the one we find when we leave the path.

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  1. Marvelous! I need to move somewhere warmer.


  2. Great. And not photo shopped is marvellous. There are so many great photographs now that are ruined by photoshop. Especially here in central otago where it seems great to dial up photoshop and use deep shades of orange and red. Awful.
    I will crop photos, but not colour them.

  3. Hi Kathleen, i have not been here for a while. That is a lovely shot, but what settings or lens will you use so that the background is still clear, or i mean the depth of field is not very deep? I don't normally edit my photos, not because they are proper already, but because i don't know how to use PS.

  4. I, too, love dahlias. Where did you find one blooming at this time of year? This almost looks like it could be San Francisco, and we have been having a strangely warm winter.

    Thanks for your always welcome comments. x0 N2

  5. I love the stark red-orange against the white and blue. And very "Honey I Shrunk The Kids'-ish. Oh that we could all see the beauty around us from this perspective.

  6. Hi Kathleen,
    an absolutely wonderful picture!
    Best regards,

  7. What a gorgeous shot of red and blue and white and green!

  8. Isn't that the truth !>!
    Lovely photo, and also, thanks for the soup recipe in the previous post!


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