Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Those Dogs are New to the Neighborhood

From a distance, I thought two of the dogs being walked down our street had an odd gait.  What kind of dogs hold their heads up so high?  Must be friendly, the little tails are wagging.  

Then I got close enough to see...
Followed by a personal introduction to play, goat-style, which I'm sharing with you.  Click below for 14 seconds of Hill Country smiles.

We never know what we'll see when we open our front door...

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  1. I have an employee who keeps goats as pets. She's got 25 of them and walks them all over town. Fortunately, she's got a lot of acreage: for the goats, two horses, several dogs, multiple cats and two parrots.

    Did I mention she likes animals?


  2. How cute! Goats are such entertainers :-)

  3. I adore goats. When I was little and we visited my Grandmothers farm she had twin baby goats and every time she worked in her flower bed the cuz's and I would wave things in front of her butt while she was bent weeding and entice the babies to bonk her over. Oh what fun. Oh what a naughty child I was.

  4. Wonderful! If only they didn't stink so much, I'd have a few in my own backyard! Think of the cheese!

  5. Aw, I could be a goat person in addition to a cat person, for sure!

  6. I'll never be a goat person, but I love living in the country where you get to see a variety of critters!

  7. I have heard tell many a strange animal tale but taking goats for a walk? That's a new one!! Very funny.

  8. BWAHAHA! Goats on leashes!!! *giggle*


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