Thursday, December 1, 2011

East Austin Studio Tour 2011

Everyone has a different idea of art, but whether it's avant garde or classic, you love it or you hate it, art stimulates. And there was plenty of stimulation at this year's East Austin Studio Tour.

Each November more than 300 area artist studios and exhibition spaces open for 9 days of celebrating art and the people who make it.  Many of the studios treat it like a party, with live music, beer/wine and munchies.

The artists are on hand in the studios to talk about (and sell) their work.  No middle-men, just Art from the Artists. 

Glass is one of my favorite mediums.  I love the physicality and play of light.  Glenda Kronke's sea-inspired glasswork took my mind to the reefs. She shares space with Flo Ulrich, whose fused glass pieces reminded me of earth and sky.  Fellow artist Morgan Graff blew ethereal globes and spires and offers glass-blowing classes. 

East By SouthEast Studios, 1406-B Smith Rd. Austin, TX 78721 (512) 600-0103. See Facebook page or

Bits of newsprint flowed up the trees in Judy Paul's mixed medium painting.

Judy Paul at Big Medium, 5305 Bolm Road, Austin, TX 78721, 512-507-8199,

Former wine bottles gained new life as cut and etched vase/decanter/candle holders.

Imagination isn't limited to formal settings.

For the garden, Fence Art... 
For vegetarians, a living 'window treatment'.  Both at Big Red Sun Design+Build+Nursery. 

And for laughs, a teeter-totter with grandma.

I only had a couple of hours to tour.  Next year I'll put aside a weekend.  See you there?

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Elizabeth said...

I like a lot of that art -- especially the Judy Paul. Very cool!

R. Sherman said...

I never get wrapped up in "the definition of art." It's whatever makes me happy and a lot of the pieces above do that.

So win!


Rambling Wren said...

How neat. I saw so many items in your post that I liked. I'll have to attend the East Austin Tour next year.

Mel said...

Than you so much for sharing the art, I found it all wonderful. I think a day spent viewing art is like therapy, it always makes my spirit feel cleansed somehow. I really need to get into the city and see some art, soon.

Jayne said...

Great post - some lovely art and talented artists here.

Cindy La Ferle said...

Beautiful art, gorgeous photos and documentation! I absolutely have to come visit your part of the world -- thanks for inspiring me. I am thinking I need to break away in Feb or March ... bet it's nice and warm there then?

shrink on the couch said...

Beautiful wonderful pictures. I went too, and like you, only managed a couple hours. I was frustrated with the dark map - too hard on these old eyes. But did love one of the painters I saw, acrylic, very colorful, abstract street scenes. I definitely want to spend more time next year.

N2 said...

Love the glass art best, but it is all beautiful. Glad you got a little time to do the tour. x0 N2


Loved the glass....this is a showing I would like to have attended.