Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hill Country Fall

In the Hill Country, we don't call this season Autumn.  We call it Fall...because the leaves just turn brown and fall off. 

But we mark the season in other ways.
The arrival of the first chipping sparrow, early for the rave.  By February's Great American Bird Count , we'll see hundreds from the kitchen window.
And it's don't-walk-outside-at night time, AKA rutting season.  Deer are running the roads and woods around our house, doe in the lead, buck panting after her.

A doe would probably shy away if she saw you in time.  But a buck in mating has just one thing in mind. A person who ended up between him and satisfaction might be in for a fight, and the odds aren't in two-legged favor.

Hope you're enjoying the change of seasons, however you mark them. 

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