Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hill Country Fall

In the Hill Country, we don't call this season Autumn.  We call it Fall...because the leaves just turn brown and fall off. 

But we mark the season in other ways.
The arrival of the first chipping sparrow, early for the rave.  By February's Great American Bird Count , we'll see hundreds from the kitchen window.
And it's don't-walk-outside-at night time, AKA rutting season.  Deer are running the roads and woods around our house, doe in the lead, buck panting after her.

A doe would probably shy away if she saw you in time.  But a buck in mating has just one thing in mind. A person who ended up between him and satisfaction might be in for a fight, and the odds aren't in two-legged favor.

Hope you're enjoying the change of seasons, however you mark them. 

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  1. Oh MY! Those deer sound frightening. . . I can't even imagine having to worry about that! I'm a lover of sparrows, they're here all year around. They're so small and nondescript and CUTE!

  2. it's interesting you mentioning the chipping sparrow. We had never seen one until a week ago this bird spent several days in our garden. It was the bird I mentioned was drinking water in the rock puddles. Then it was int he veggy garden flicking up the soil and mulch. It seems to have left now.

  3. I always look forward to the first Chipping Sparrow sighting. Wonderful little birds! They haven't arrived here yet, but another favorite, the Ruby-crowned Kinglets, are present and accounted for.

  4. We had a dry summer, so our colors weren't that great, but otherwise, it's been beautiful.

    Until today.

    BTW, I've barely missed about four deer in the roads this fall. There but for the grace of God . . .


  5. After listening to years of my complaining about how much I miss the fall colors on the east coast my husband made it his mission to plant "fall foliage." Texas Sumac, Chinese Pistachio ... And while I appreciate his efforts, I still miss the east coast this time of year.

  6. I had a veritable FLOCK of robins move in this week. I couldn't believe my eyes. Got out the binoculars to prove it to myself. Yep. 8 on the big birdbath/fountain and more waiting in the trees to swoop down. I've never seen robins this time of year before!

  7. The deer are pretty active, right now. Have to watch out on the roads, for sure.

    We have tons of sparrows. Haven't seen a chipping sparrow yet, though.

    Have a good weekend.

  8. Chipping sparrow, hmm. Maybe that's what we're seeing . . . I like your slideshow . . . may have to flatter you by copying . . .

  9. Hi Kathleen,
    Due to the very dry summer, our colours around here are not that great. What marks the coming colder season for us is the fact that, during day time, we can do without the air conditioning, and that we need to have the bathroom heater before taking a shower.
    But I must admit: it's glorious days!
    Off to the Wurstfest soon.
    Take care, and enjoy autumn in the Hill Country,

  10. I routinely walk mornings in a neighborhood nestled into the hills west of Austin. We have to watch out for the bucks even this close to town.

    Whenever we see a grouping of nervous does we look where they are looking and typically see some buck stalking the group. We take care not to get in between the buck and however many objects of desire he thinks he can chase down! Lust is dangerous!

    Happy Fall Back day.

  11. Beautiful weather here this weekend. Lots of house sparrows, but no Chipping sparrows yet. I'm waiting for them.

  12. Thanks for sharing your sights. I love you so.

  13. Nope. There is no fall in Florida. Thanks for sharing yours.


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