Tuesday, September 6, 2011

In the Veins

The University of Texas sports the proudest student and alumni cadre in the state.  Just ask any burnt-orange afficianado.  Other Texans bleed other colors, most notably maroon.  Nothing wrong with that.

But love 'em or hate 'em, no one stands out in a crowd at the Chicago airport like the boot-wearing businessmen in UT-burnt-orange ties.  When you look around the waiting area and see that proud ugly color, you know you're headed home.  

Like the pope's belief in god, burnt-orange permeates the UT fabric, connecting the faithful to an understanding rising silent through Texas' parched earth and history, the certainty that Texas and Texans own the summit, indeed are the summit. 

As example, note this--every year dewy-cheeked brides walk down the aisle on 'the most important day of my life' behind a bevy of bridesmaids gowned in University of Texas burnt orange, a color that turns most women's complexions seasick green. 

And the happy couple ride away from the reception in a burnt-orange sportscar.  Really. You wouldn't BELIEVE the number of burnt-orange cars in Austin. And you know no one buys a burnt-orange car unless it's marked half-price. Except true T'sips.  They'll pay extra.

Hook 'em Horns.

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  1. I'm partial myself to Carolina Tarheel Blue. When I was in school, there was a funeral home on Franklin Street (the main drag) whose hearses were that blue color!

  2. Denny's grad degrees were from Duke so we wear the proud royal blue. Except when we go to UT games with my family and honor the family ties with burnt-orange.

  3. I happen to be wearing my Mizzou black and gold striped tie as a type this comment, though to be fair, we've had a few decent quarterbacks from your fair state grace our backfield in the last decade or so.


  4. We all bleed orange around here. We tolerate other colors, but just barely...
    Stay safe...

  5. I'm that heretic alum that does not own an orange car or watch the games! There are a few orange shirts around, as we have two sons currently enrolled, however. . .

  6. I better not say what my school color is! But I can tell you that I have been welcomed to speak in the land of burnt orange (and burgundy) more than the "other place". Somehow, we all get along...somehow!

    Must be the barbecue...

  7. Hi Kathleen,
    Glad to know that you're rooting for UT, too. That's one of the first things my wife told me when I came over to here from Germany, to root for the Horns. Well, our Aggie relatives here - shame on them - keep saying she brainwashed me early on. ;) Btw, I was happy that they seemed to start the season well - after that horrible last year.
    Well, Hook 'em, Horns!
    Best regards,
    P.S.: I hope you're far enough from the wildfires to be safe.

  8. Blood runs maroon in our family. So it won't be a surprise when I respectfully take issue with the statement, "The University of Texas sports the proudest student and alumni cadre in the state."

    I'd agree with "one of the proudest." LOL. Witness the thousands of maroon cars on the road and bridesmaid dresses.

    My husband would agree with your opinion of the burnt orange, though. He thinks it's a hideous color (raised within a block of A&M campus, he's not at all biased). I don't mind it. Much preferred to the true orange of yesteryear. But I will say it is not a color that looks good on vehicles.

  9. Yogurt, don't tell my family I think it's OK to see through maroon-colored glasses, no worse than burnt orange. Maroon bridesmaid dresses are just as bad though.


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