Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Looking for the Magic

Eighteen months ago I fell into  freelancing travel articles for the San Antonio Express-News.  Go, see, write. Payday for doing what you love.

Since then, Denny and I have gone high and low in Texas and beyond. What facets of nature, time, beauty or culture saturate trips with meaning?  That's what I look for, what I write.  Including, of course, the 'how-to' details, so readers can find the magic too.

Recently I gathered the SA Express-News article links into a Ticket, to make the resources easy to find.

Have you ever wanted to sip wine with a view of grazing buffalo?  Stand on the precipice that inspired Georgia O'Keeffe to paint her unique vision?  Spend a lazy weekend sleeping late, passing died-and-gone-to-heaven food through your lips and wandering through art galleries?  All this and more is in those articles.

Take a look, you might find a place to make your own magic.
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  1. Wonderful! I have thoroughly enjoyed your travel articles. Now I can easily access them when I want to take another look. Thanks!

  2. Wonderful articles. Got some ideas for a quick getaway and some fun.

  3. Terrific writing, Kathleen, and what a wonderful way to access everything. I have so enjoyed your leisurely trips through your hill country and feel like a know, a bit, of the part of the country of which you write. Thank you for that!

    Happy travels onward!

  4. Great idea. A go-to place to find inspiration for trips.
    How fun, to be able to get paid for the work you love.
    Stay cool...

  5. I envy people like you who are being paid to enjoy your life. In my next life i will be a photojournalist too! LOl. We just had a long weekend and i added 2 more days to that, so me and my friend tagged along 2 or our friends on their travel work as photojournalists. They will shoot a famous waterfalls in the country and we took planes, buses, tricycles, boats, jeepneys and walked to get there. We also sidetripped to an island where seafoods are so deliciously fresh. The more i join these professionals, the more i envy their work! And you Kathleen is so privileged. thanks.

  6. OT: I hope you and yours are OK with the fires springing up in the Hill Country.

  7. You've got lots of folks so proud of you, your many gifts, and your own dear loving self. Me, too.

    Wish I could ship you about 8 inches of our rain.

  8. Lovely writing, as usual Kathleen. Thanks for making it easily accessible. x0 N2


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