Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Small Town Fourth of July

I bribed Denny to go to the New Braunfels Fourth of July parade with me.  He feels (and rightfully so) that four years of parading at West Point exempt him from parades for the rest of eternity. 

But I love parades.  So I held out the Red Rooster carrot with a subsequent coffee-shop option and Elvis here we come.

Elvis guarding the plates at Red Rooster's breakfast buffet.--->

The parade was perfect Hill Country, except for the missing horses  and fire trucks, it was true to the quirky nature of the place.
I stood behind the cutest citizen. I'm pretty sure that's why Uncle Sam threw extra beads.  Yes, beads and candy. I don't know when this became a Declaration signing tradition, but I like it.  No one threw panties like the ones I caught at a New Orleans Mardi Gras parade decorated with an oyster and the words 'Eat It Raw', but that was a different kind of celebration...

This seemed to be a year for decoration. Check this out--eagles, flags, soldiers and weapons plus slogans.  I wondered if the owner designed it at happy hour.  Maybe it's just his kinda bumper sticker.

Another enthusiastic patriot, with a sense of porpoise.

Rat Resurrection, "Saving One Rat At A Time"; note the giant stuffed rat in the passenger seat.  Which political party do you think he belongs to? 

The county Democrats had plenty of pep in their step but not many marchers.  

The Republican Woman were led by men in a pickup truck.  

The Tea Party turned out the most marchers, including babies and grandmas, proselytizing all the way. 
<--Note brochures in hand.  The sweet little old lady next to me was too polite to refuse and ended up with five, bless her heart. 

Families and dogs were crowd favorites.

And tractors, of course.

Wherever you are, whatever you did to celebrate our individual freedoms, I hope your day was good.

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  1. And ain't that America? Beautiful.

  2. Why no horses? Can't have a parade in Texas without horses!!

    Love your blog. Love the Hill Country.

    God bless America and may America bless God.

  3. haha, that's awesome! Do you believe I've still never been to a parade? Though. . . I live in a big city. Parade crowds frighten me. And I still love your Elvis!

  4. Kathleen, you must make plans to come to the Johnson Creek RV Resort, Ingram, Tx, on Aug 13-pm for a Tribute to Patsy Cline concert by The Soft Sounds of Carol Kline. There will also be a Fish Fry. Carol and George Kline put on a great show and they are just the sweetest people in the world.
    I will let you know the exact time of the concert, which will be held in the activity hall of the resort. The activity hall is called Western Town and you will want to bring your camera!

  5. Nothing beats a good July 4 parade, followed by a barbecue and beers, watermelon and ice cream. One wonders what the founders would think.


  6. Red, white and blue-tiful! I'm partial to that open air, 4-seater vehicle (looks like Lady Liberty is riding shotgun). The ultimate parade mobile.

  7. Great American Parade Pictures, Kat! Was there a "King/Queen" of your parade? I'm thinking Mango Strut. Please know that if you go to the Johnson Creek RV Resort, Ingram, Tx, on Aug 13-pm for a Tribute to Patsy Cline concert, It is a FULL MOON night with the moon rise just ever so slightly before sun down. Yes, yes, you must bring your camera.

  8. Good ol' down home fun way to do the 4th! x0 N2

  9. This is totally wonderful! Thank you! And Denny at West Point, must hear the rest of that story. And, really, next year you must come to Austin for the 21-Bun salute at a parade with rescued rabbits. I'll send you the link to entice you! Too bunny fun!

  10. There's nothing that says "American Summer" better than a 4th of July parade! Your photos are wonderful, and your parade is pure Texas too! Love it.

  11. Those exuberant photos are jumping off the page and giving me a smiling start to Monday morning.

    Kind of makes me stand in awe of people who think up crazy/wonderful float ideas, make them, and live parade as an active verb. Your tag lines are the best.

  12. The Republican Women were led by men in a pickup truck.

    Of course they were! Laugh.

  13. Ahhh. Love this post and the wonderful photos. Reminds me of a 4th of July parade in Green County Indiana, where the highlight was the fez-headed Shriners on quads. Very fun!


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