Friday, March 25, 2011

Red Rooster Cafe -- New Braunfels

We had breakfast with Elvis this morning.

Maybe he's not your iconic cowboy but you never know in the Texas Hill Country...

The first time I saw him at the Red Rooster, he was on this red-draped stage in the back room.  

 And now he's front-of-the-house by the main-drag window, next to a 6' Santa and 12' red Christmas tree.  With a strategically located pink Cadillac bench for fans.

Looking on the other side of the room, the unique antique HE'S NOT HERE coffee and soda-shop bar is clothed in coin and papered in Washingtons.  A fine place to enjoy a cappuccino. Which I did, smooth and delicious and I won't need a nap until next week.
Breakfast was good too.  I calorie-splurged on crab cakes in lemon-butter sauce over pasta.  Sweetly crustacean with barely enough breadcrumb to hold together.  Next time I'll ask for the assertive sauce on the side, but it didn't stop me from finishing two crab cakes and then twirling half the pasta in the sauce before slurping it down.

You gotta love a place that will serve you the lunch special at 9:30am. The Red Rooster isn't normal, in that way and others. Elvis, for example.  And the Coffee Bean brothers and Big Boy.  Plus a full-sized exotic antelope in the window, moose head on the wall and twin throne chairs for sale in the seating area.

Don't get me wrong, the Rooster is full of locals breakfasting here more for the food and value than the setting, but it doesn't hurt to be entertained before your first cup of coffee, as long as you're sure you're not still dreaming.

I've had the Red Rooster's buttermilk pancakes with pecans and would happily have them again.  And they'd happily serve them to me for dinner if I wanted since they view their mission as giving customers what they want and more. 

Some day I'll get around to trying other lunch and dinner entrees.  And maybe sooner than some day, the Coconut Cream Pie.  I've been thinking of proposing a newspaper article about the best coconut pies in the Hill Country...after I lose the five pounds from my last article.

But don't you wait until you lose five pounds to try the Red Rooster in New Braunfels. The next time you need a lift, get yourself some Red Rooster.  And say Hi to Elvis for me.

UPDATE:  Red Rooster Cafe closed in 2012.

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  1. Never begin the day without a good breakfast! And this is a cool place with good food....

  2. What a cool place Kathleen, pleased that you enjoyed your breakfast, it sounded delicious.

    xoxoxoxo ♡

  3. Crab cakes for breakfast and pecan pancakes for dinner, not that sounds like my kind of place. You got me with this one, Kathleen. Got me wishing I lived around the corner so I could meet you there for coffee and pancakes! x0 N2

  4. I love those eclectic diners which serve anything on the menu at anytime. I'm especially jazzed for breakfast foods for dinner.

  5. What fun!

    BTW, I read your article on olive trees in the Chronicle this morning. Very interesting! I think I need to get one.

  6. That looks like a really fun place -- and delicious, too. Thanks for your recipe that you sent the other day -- I'd love to try it!

  7. That sounds like a fascinating place.

  8. Looks like my kind of place. I used to have a life-sized bust of the King in primary colors. It was hideous, but quite a conversation piece. Laugh.

    Love you TONS,


  9. Yummy! PS..I was a waitress at Big Boy until I went to nursing school....brrrrrrr....this gave me flashbacks.....


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