Thursday, March 17, 2011

Magnolia Pancake Haus

Denny took a day off work last month to celebrate my birthday.  I know, I'm a lucky woman.  

We rarely take days just for play.  Yes, we have a good time traveling for articles, I love wining and dining and exploring.  But it's also work--we're on a schedule, interviewing, taking pictures and notes for the article(s) to come.
So on my birthday, Denny indulged me in a day without requirement.  We started with a mid-morning breakfast at the Magnolia Pancake Haus in San Antonio.  I'm a fan of all things pancake and I'd heard Magnolia offers arguably the best in Texas.  I like a good argument so Magnolia was on my list.  And there's no better day than your birthday.

The restaurant is a storefront in a landscaped shopping center.  Outside awnings sigh Deep South.  Inside, the rooms have a relaxed comfortable feel with bluebird-blue booths, warm colors and plates hung on the walls.

The rumor was looking like fact when super-waitress Karen brought our menus with the coffee.   Magnolia specializes in homemade.  Any breakfast place that makes its own sausage... The menu wasn't modest.  Under the title of World's Best Pancakes (is the World larger than Texas?) were pancakes blueberry, bacon, pecan, bananas foster and more.

Other deliciousness too, like a seasonal favorite, Poached eggs on Crab Cakes, hollandaise over all.  (We all know calories don't count on your birthday.)  Proper crabcakes crispy, herby and crabby, not burdened with breading.  With a side of light and fluffy, softly tangy buttermilk pancakes. Melt in your mouth amazing. 

Denny and I had a difference of opinion about which was better, his Jambalaya Omelet piquant with chicken and sausage, peppers, tomatoes and spices.  Or my eggs and crabcakes.  I tasted his, he tasted mine.  Our mouths agreed on merit all 'round in spite of difference in preference.

But we had no difference about the Authentic Munchener Apfel Pfannekucken (pronounced fan-e-koo-ken).  Wonderful eggy, appley, not too sweet, buttery, cinnamony birthday-worthy flavor.  I agree, the Magnolia's version of this German apple pancake is the Best Apple Pancake in the World.

I know what you're thinking.  Pfannekucken on top of eggs and crabcakes and hollandaise and buttermilk pancakes?  Think of it as birthday cake.  I did. If it will make you feel better, we took most of it home in a box and I enjoyed Pfannekucken birthday cake two more days.

So the next time you're in San Antonio, treat yourself to breakfast at Magnolia Pancake Haus.  It will make your day. 

Magnolia Pancake Haus, 606 Embassy Oaks # 100, San Antonio, TX  78216, (210) 496-0828, open daily 7am-2pm, moderate $.

Tell Karen I sent you.

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  1. Happy late birthday! Sounds like you had a fine celebration and I am so glad.

  2. Hi Kathleen,
    First, a belated "Happy Birthday" to you!.
    I didn't know that there was something like a Muenchener Apfelpfannekuchen. I've always thought those [leaving the necessary epithet out here] Bavarians specialized in Hax'n, and, as a dessert, maybe Apfelstrudel. But your description of the stuff - be it Bavarian or from any other of the German states - sounds ever so yummy. Maybe I need to persuade my wife to take me to the Magnolia Pancake House for my birthday.
    Best regards from Karnes City,

  3. Happy Birthday, first of all! And Oh, my God, this post has made me throw myself on the floor to weep given that I've begun a diet this week.

  4. I've been wondering was there a vast influx of Germans from the Prussia and Silesia in the 50. Those that were dispossessed by the shift of borders after WWII.

  5. Happy belated birthday to you!!! That place sounds AWESOME! I don't know that I'd go for some of those odd breakfast dishes, being a bit of a traditionalist myself, but that birthday cake of yours sure does look mouth-watering!

  6. Happy belated birthday! I wish you many, many, more. I love you so.

    The food looks great!


  7. I'm a big breakfast fan and would eat it 3X per day. Now I have another reason to visit Austin.


  8. That all sounds great...good thing I have a full stomach rt now, as I am within an hour of there right now! I'll try to forget about it for my health's sake...might be driving through San Antonio on the way back.

  9. Happy Birthday.

    Sounds like a great place, even for an UNbirthday meal. Thanks for the tip.

  10. Oh Yum! I just had a birthday too, but didn't eat our anywhere this yummy! Happy belated Birthday to us both.

  11. New Braunfels has some above-average cool breakfast places, but this Magnolia Pancake Haus is the real deal. Have to put this one at the top. Go! Try it! But remember, sometimes you just have to say "screw the calories" and order what you really want...

  12. Yum - I'm sold! Will have to mapquest this restaurant the next time we spend the night down there.

  13. 1. Magnolia Pancake Haus in San Antonio now has a second location on Heubner Road off I-10. This new location has covered porches and is very nice.
    2. Keep in mind that Magnolia Pancake Haus in San Antonio is not related to Magnolia Cafe in Austin.
    3. Enjoy your visit to MPH, but get there early as it is very popular. Visit on a weekday if your schedule allows. You can drool over their menu online:


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