Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Laissez Faire Gardener

He doesn't carry a pickaxe.
 Thinks my raised beds are perfect for planting. 

This is the result:

Peanut plants
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  1. Your peanut plants look so healthy and green and I just love the squirrel, he is so cute, he is a 'pruner', he doesn't cut down trees.

    xoxoxo ♡

  2. They are great 'planters'. I had corn coming up all over the place last year, from the ears my neighbor puts out for the squirrels. Even in pots!

  3. Squirrels don't eat no stinkin' pickeaxes.

  4. Well who's giving him the peanuts??! ;)

  5. Sorry, but I consider those gray things like rats.
    The number of times I've planted tulips in colour drifts only to come out on morning and find the place dug up and bulbs scattered to the four winds. The only thing that throws them a bit is planting Crown Imperial Fritillaries for that Foxy smell that masks the scent to the tulips.

  6. Peanuts I could take but oak trees in the middle of my small raised beds are a no no. And taking up residence in the new screech owl box-well, just darn right rude.


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