Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Cardinal Moment

I get excited about the endangered golden-cheeked warbler which occasionally graces our gardens in summer.  And our escarpment black cherry and big red sage (Salvia penstemonoides), small salvations from extinction. 

Yet I'm so accustomed to the cardinals thronging our yard that my eyes skip past.

 But today I had a cardinal moment, 
And remembered the beauty of now.
 What everyday gift are you seeing today?

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  1. The cardinals are beginning to sing their spring-song, a glorious gift in the midst of winter and a reminder that spring is coming. Soon.

  2. Cardinals are one of nature's daily gifts, I agree. The other day there were three red cardinals perched on the utility wire. I guess they were having a neighborhood meeting :)

  3. Cardinals are always a delight. We only see a few , so it's always exciting. Well to certain people I guess:)

  4. It is such a beautiful bird with its bright red feathers, I have not seen one here.
    It is so hot here and I am looking at some clouds in the sky and hoping it will rain.

    xoxoxo ♡

  5. I have never seen as many cardinals as I am seeing in my yard this year. It's just mind-blowing.

  6. When we lived in Michigan, we used to see Cardinals frequently. Now that we are in CO, we get to see Stellar Bluejays. I miss those red birds! A friend of mine used to call them lipstick birds, because the female has a red beak.

  7. Cardinals always remind me of my mom. She loved them more than any other bird! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Red birds have a magical significance to a poet friend of mine, so I always feel that something wonderful is about to happen each time I spot one. They look especially pretty against winter snow here too...

  9. These bright little birds have always been dear to my heart. My daddy always said "A cardinal means a sunny day," and I always repeat those words when one flies by. They're rare enough here to not be seen every day, common enough for once a week or so. Always pleasantly bright and beautiful!


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