Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Deutsch Apple Bakery - Blanco, Texas

If you dream of sweets, the Deutsch Apple Bakery in Blanco is the place.  Apple-heaven, only half a mile from the courthouse square.

It starts before you even get in the door...the aroma of baking apples and sugary floury goodness in the oven, sweet-sharp and cinnamon-y.  Granny Smith apple pies baked fresh every morning. The Bakery makes apple pies daily, other flavors when they feel like it.  The day we were there they had pecan and buttermilk also.

The sign on the front door says:  

And regulars know it's true.  The Bakery often runs out of apple pie by 10:00am.  Get out of bed if you want pie for breakfast. 

But if you've been to the Deutsch Apple Bakery before, the Apple Pecan Cake is probably what drew you back--whether you're a Hill Country resident or hail from Austin, San Antonio or Houston.  Yes, I know Houston is more than 200 miles from Blanco.  But there are Houstonians who order an Apple Pecan Cake and make the drive and count themselves lucky they don't live further.  

I'll admit that before we went, I didn't understand the excitement about apple cake.  I've had apple cake before--kind of a spice cake.  Okay.

The Deutsch Apple Bakery's apple cake is OhBaby!  Moist like a spiced poundcake and layered with slices of melting tart apples spiked with a heavenly pecan glaze.  Let your tongue imagine a sweet marriage of browned butter-sugar-vanilla-dash of salt-caramel-pecan permeating the cake and krinkling over the surface. Owner Connie Endres says they take the cakes still hot from the ovens and dip them whole into a hot pan of glaze so that every inch is covered.

I'm convinced it's the best apple cake in the world. In a town of fewer than 10,000 souls.  In the Texas Hill Country, of course.  But you don't have to believe me, come try it for yourself.  Pick up a real estate brochure while you're there so you won't have to drive so far next time.

If You Go:

The Deutsch Apple Bakery, 602 Chandler St., Blanco
1-866-329-2253 tollfree, 830-833-2882 local
Hours:  Monday - Friday 8:00am-4:30pm, Saturday 8:00am-4:00pm -- or until they run out...

Update December 22, 2011: According to deutschapple.com, the bakery has closed.  Sad days for apple cake lovers.

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