Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bloom Day - December 15, 2010

We garden to the weather--and Texas is known for the unpredictable. Last year we froze early, often and deep.  This year, not even a frosty kiss.  

Most of our flowers have shined and gone but we planted for year-round bloom and a few still provide a table for warm-day flyers.

Purple lantana  --->

And queen butterfly.

The biggest stand of my Prostrate Rosemary hums with flutter when the sun shines.  Here a Common Checkered Skipper enjoys a sip.

An as-yet-unidentified butterfly nectared nearby. Does anyone know his name?   

Update:  Thanks to Dorothy Borders who writes Gardening with Nature for the identification:  Common mestra (Mestra amymone), a new species ID for our garden.

I'm not as enthusiastic about the bugs eating my Giant Turk's Cap.  

I wish I had the proper botanical name for this variety.  I was told it's native to Texas, grows along rivers in this area.  The leaves are much larger than the Malvaviscus arboreus var. drummondii.

The drooping leaves tell you there are no rivers in my backyard. 

A late-migrant hummingbird--female Ruby-throated, I think--stopped by the Pineapple Sage on Thanksgiving Day.  

The sage has the Christmas spirit this year, still decorating the front beds in red and green.

For more bloomday treats, click on over to May Dreams. And whether you're gardening outdoors or in dreams now, I hope you're happy and your holidays are warm.

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  1. Your garden looks very different from mine. I love those 'flowers of the air.'

  2. Beautiful photos, and I love the new look of the blog!

  3. Oh to see the butterflies again. Thank you. They are so welcome to get through the snowy weather here in the Falls.

  4. Kathleen, I am not jealous, I am not jealous, I am....well, maybe a little! Your blooms and hummingbird are beautiful~gail

  5. I can't see all the field marks but I think your mystery butterfly may be an Amymone (Mestra amymone). It's a rare visitor around Houston but may be more common where you are.

    Love your pictures and your garden. Happy holidays to you.

  6. Beautiful butterfly photos! You have a great attitude about today's bloom day--thanks for the inspiration. (Drought's bumming me out.)

  7. Just a few things left blooming in my garden and they really only shine on sunny days which have been few and far between in the last weeks here in NorCal. Thanks for sharing your butterflies! x0 N2

  8. You have some lovely blooms for bloom day Kathleen. We've had a couple of pretty hard freezes here in the Houston area and I had quite a bit of freeze damage. The only things I have blooming are the pansies I just put in.

  9. Hi Kathleen,
    so you haven't had any freezing yet?! Well, we have - even if we're further down south than you are. Three nights ago it was, I think, that temps dropped to around 28 here.
    Btw, you have fantastic pics again: I like them a lot.
    Best regards from Karnes City,

  10. Beautiful photos dear Kathleen, it is always a pleasure to see your garden, so many lovely animals who visit, your flowers,hummingbirds and butterflies who come to feed on the pollen and nectar.
    Happy Holidays to you and your family, a big hug to you and your Mom. :)

    xoxoxo ♡

  11. Wow! I don't believe you still have flowers and butterflies and hummingbirds in your garden!So much beauty - in December!!! Here everything has gone over to winter greys. Blah. But we have been getting lots of snow flurries, and there's another kind of magic in that. . .

  12. This is definitely the only GBBD post I've seen that is littered with butterflies -- lucky you!

  13. So pretty! It seems we grow the same things here but have different critters that are attracted to them. Just once I'd love to see a humming bird in my neck of the woods. PS just realized we have the same blog background. Great minds!

  14. Wow great, beautiful flower and the butterfly loves it.

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