Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Celebrating food and family, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  We hosted this year, were blessed with a houseful and to send leftovers home with everyone.

We had unexpected leftovers here too.  I'm thankful the Pineapple Sage (Salvia elegans) was still blooming when I looked out the kitchen window to see an errant male Blackchinned Hummingbird hovering among the blooms. The next day a female and the day after, another.  My feeder is back up now, just in case.

And I'm thankful the last guest had driven away before the powder-room toilet overflowed.  And when I plunged it (yech), the other toilets and the guestroom bathtub filled brown.  

Thankful too that we fixed it in the few hours before the next guests arrived.  

And that when the brown flood returned on Monday, a plumber came out within hours for a better fix.

Now, every time I flush and the water disappears, replaced by clear water, I'm thankful.  

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  1. NEVER minimize the power and joy of a flush toilet!

  2. I have got to plant pineapple sage next year. Thank-you for reminding me.
    And I never turn on a tap or flush a toilet that I am not grateful.

  3. Haaha, three cheers for working plumbing. Man. . . talk about the things we forget to remember until they aren't there :)

  4. It never fails--company will do it every time!

  5. You garden looks so lovely Kathleen, sorry about your plumbing problems.:(

    xoxoxo ♡

  6. Ah the joys of clear water where it should be... At the moment we are wrestling with a front door that wants to allow all sorts of heated air either in or out, but always in the wrong direction from where we intended.

    The darned door simply won't seal all the way around and now we are halfway convinced our house has developed a serious lean to one side. To have a door that actually CLOSES when it is shut will be a very good thing.

    Enjoy your guests!

  7. Hahaha, good for you despite the toilet you have very good blooming red salvia outside the window. It looks great, you know!

  8. You think they could come up with a toilet that doesn't overflow.


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