Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Arrival of Autumn

In other climes, showy foliage signals the season.  We have a little of that here in the Hill Country.  Bald cypresses and sycamores by the rivers orange up.  

Banks of the Blanco River, Wimberley.----->

But the reason folks here say Fall instead of Autumn is that most of our foliage just turns brown and falls off.   

We usually mark the change of season in other ways.  

The arrival of the first Hermit Thrush, which I saw from the front porch last week one sunset-hour, but was unable to document because I was holding a glass of wine instead of a camera.

Our first Chipping sparrow flew in last week.  

By February, hundreds will feed just outside my kitchen windows.

The most intense mark of the season is this guy:
He's stalking one of the does, round and round our house.  

And by the looks of her, he's already been successful.   

But he keeps trying.  

However you mark the change of season in your home, I hope it's good.
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  1. I have noticed more elk and deer footprints around the year. I think they will come soon to eat the rotten pumpkins.
    That is a nice shot of the bull.

  2. The scenes around your home are simply amazing to me -- such constant nature.

  3. Great photos! I laughed at the expression on the doe's face, very funny. I mark the change of seasons by taking hundreds of photos of the leaves to use as a screensaver, since winters here are long and cold and dull - except for the sunsets. We've had several hard frosts already and they're starting to talk about snow showers, yikes! Thanks for sharing your scenery with us.

  4. The wing span of the palmetto bugs seem to get bigger, the algae in the pools greener, and the frangipani goes bald or should I say more bald? Oh, and it goes from 100 degrees to 84 degrees. BRRRRRRR!

  5. This is very informative for us here in the other side. So not every part of the US has the colorful sceneries i see in pictures. I am inviting you to see my post now, you might be impressed that we only have 2 seasons!

  6. Hi Kathleen,
    I really like the pics a lot, And your text.
    Down here in Karnes City, we don't have many signs of fall - just some leaves turning and falling. And, of course, the changing temps. As I saw on the news today, the Hill Country might already be in for some freezing at night. But not here, luckily.
    Best regards,
    P.S.: I've begun putting up posts about Fredericksburg and the rides on my blogs. And I've changed my plan for the Wurstfest: my wife and me will be going there tomorrow afternoon by car, and walk around some and enjoy a wonderful supper at the Friesenhaus, our favourite restaurant in New Braunfels. And I will not ride my bike there on Sunday, but take part in a group ride in Elmendorf. Will have to do my personal "Wurstride" next year.

  7. Very lovely photos dear Kathleen, the Autumn foliage,the Chipping sparrow, gosh you have so many interesting animals around your garden, I have never seen deer even in a zoo.
    I have had many Swallows and Swifts visiting my garden recently and that is unusual.
    xoxoxo ♡

  8. Dear Kathleen - I love your beautiful pictures and your perfect, spare captions. Thanks for sharing your particular Fall with us! x0 N2

  9. Thanks for sharing...where I am, we have a little more color than you, but for most part, not.

    And more thanks for teaching me about the Chipping Sparrow! I *never* knew what those birds were, that hang out in the stunted live oaks in the arroyo behind my house. Every winter, at dusk, their chorus drowns out the nearby freeway!

    Your blog title says it all about your area...mysterious.

  10. The cypress along the Blanco are pretty, aren't they.

    It was 28 here this morning. I think summer is over....maybe. This will be our third winter here. The last two were totally different from each other. Who knows what this one will bring.

  11. Oh my! She looks a mess!!! Someone give that poor creature a hot shower and . . . a glass of red wine! ;) She looks like she could use it!

    I can't imagine autumn without the leaves changing, but you sure have a way of making me wish that I could experience the world through your eyes. . .

  12. Too funny! She does look a little worn out and the worse for wear. Maybe she'll give him a sharp hoof to the chin to get a break for a bit.

  13. Your Winter is hotter that our Summer.

  14. How precious! I love seeing the wildlife that come your way. And what a great comment about fall: indeed, the leaves just fall off. But still, if you keep your eyes open for two minutes, you capture the beautiful colors you did.

  15. That poor doe does look like she needs a bit of a break. I guess when that buck said he'd call her in the morning he meant it.

    Aren't these temperatures glorious lately! I too have been caught out with a glass of wine rather than a camera lately - it has just been too pretty to stay indoors. Raising a toast in your general direction!

  16. I've never once called it autumn, it's always been fall. Is that really why? LOL

    Great photos of the deer. I know we have some here, but I rarely see them.

  17. I love seeing through your eyes.
    We've had a week or so of frost now, scraping the car windows first thing. I appreciate that it's a nice slow transition this year. Although the darkness before dinner takes getting used to.


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