Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Some folks hate Halloween. Witches and goblins and the devil, etc.

But ever since Fantasy Fest 1995, when I danced on the tropical oddical streets of Key West until the sun rose over the Atlantic Ocean,  I've loved October 31st.  

Fantasy Fest theme that year was movies and I went as Carmen Miranda.  No, I don't know why.  I was the only female Carmen in Key West.  Which would have been fine except that the others were better looking.  Especially the troupe of Swedish blonde six-footers with towering head-dresses.

Any holiday that gives you an excuse to laugh and dance into dawn gets my vote.

Hope yours is good magic.

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  1. O yes, I also have fond memories of Fantasy Fest.
    I freeed my chickens more than once on Oct. 31st , wink, wink. ;)=
    As a matter of fact, I never recaged them.........

  2. Mmmm. I wonder if you and Kathleen were ever at Fantasy Fest together.
    I had my Halloween in Grant, Florida at the Shack restaurant. It was awesome.

  3. You made a beautemous Carmen Miranda. Reminds me of the time I visited a bar with female impersonators - I was the only true woman in the place and I had on high top tennis shoes.

  4. you look as exotic as the tree behind you.

  5. You do look wild and beautiful as Carmen in this picture. You have a truly feminine grace. Those guys just had/have a different kind of wild.

  6. I LOVE this picture! I think you made a fantastic Carmen. . . you've got that same bright shining sexy attitude that always comes through in her pictures. Cuuuuute!

  7. I'm a little late but 'Happy Halloween' dear Kathleen ... hope you had a good party!
    You look very glamorous dressed as Carmen Miranda. xoxoxo ♥

  8. Love this !!

    oh, I loved Key West if only for the week we were there.

    you are gorgeous.

  9. Even with the glamourosity, (which there is plenty of in that photo), your inner imp full of mischief comes shining through. I vote for dancing till the sun comes up, too!


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