Friday, October 15, 2010

Cutie Pies

I don't need a 12-Step Program, I'm not really a pie-aholic.  I can prove it--I don't eat pie every day, I can stop at one piece and I don't pie-binge on payday.

But I'm glad I don't walk the 1600 block of South Congress in Austin every day.  I might be too tempted.  And you can't miss Cutie Pies pink food wagon.  

Jaynie Buckingham, AKA the Pie Queen, serves gone-to-heaven-pie right there in the parking lot on the side of the road.

She makes and bakes her one-person-sized pies at home, starting sometimes at 2am, so she can bring smiles to South Congress Wednesdays to Sundays, from 11:00am-until sellout.

Not just any pies, either.  Five kinds of sweet-flaky-thin-crusted nirvana, recipes handed down by her Mama, Betty Lou.  Denny and I tasted four kinds the day we were there, all happy-making.

Some have won awards.   Southern Living Magazine named Betty Lou's Buttermilk Pie the BEST PIE IN TEXAS. (I'm wondering how many pies the writers had to taste, and whether the magazine has any job openings.)

But the two that made me swoon were MJ's Texas Twister, with a decadent deep chocolate, buttermilk tangy, coconutty, rich toasted pecan-good filling worthy of capitalization.  And Cherry-Blackberry, a waterfall of mouth-tingling ripeness balanced with sweet satisfaction.  And for which I believe Ms. Buckingham deserves another crown.
So the next time you're in Austin Wednesday-Sunday, early enough to find pie still in the cart, try some Cutie Pies heaven for yourself.  Your tongue will thank you.

UPDATE, October 2013: New location is corner of 24th & Nueces, Monday-Saturday 11am - 6pm, *closed on bad weather days* 

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  1. sorry... I'm not much of a dessert person...
    but I'm in love with these pink pie carts! What a great idea. And since my husband loves pie, especially pecan, if we ever toured here... he's love to partake.

  2. My son always wanted a pie cart. But he wants to do savory and meat pies as well as the sweet ones.
    I think it's a good idea but first, he needs to move into a place that has an oven.

  3. Oh, My, that Texas Twister sounds to die for!! Chocolate, coconut, pecan _and_ buttermilk tang?! Good thing I don't live nearby...or Bad, depending on the angle... Great pictures, K. xo N2

  4. Always coconut.

    I liked Nick's comment the best!

  5. Personal size - now that's a pie of a different color. (sorry - Nick started it)

    I experience significant restraint failure when it comes to pie. If nobody is there to observe me in the kitchen I'm having a good day if I get 4 servings.

    Stopping for a personal pie on the sidewalk sounds like a very gracious Southern way to celebrate being out and about. Thanks for pointing the way.

  6. A pie cart! OMG! I need to move to Texas.

  7. I do think a "personal size" pie is wicked. A whole pie, I can resist. But a small individual pie sounds so innocuous, so innocent, and so easy to say, "Yes please, I'll have one of each." (And it's so appropriate for Ms. Buckingham to wear a tiara!!)

  8. She looks to be quite a character! Her little pink cart is so adorable - I'd stop there just on principle. Your description of those pies has my mouth watering. . . I really want one (or maybe all 5)


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