Thursday, September 30, 2010

Redbud Cafe - Blanco, Texas

The Redbud Cafe , across from the Old Blanco County Courthouse, serves fresh and local, organic when they can, always crafted by artists.

Really.  Jon and Jan Brieger have been potters for over twenty years and own Brieger Pottery, the store next door.

And Jon cooks with the same sensibility of balance and beauty.  The home-made basil flatbread was made with herbs from their home garden.  And it was the perfect foil for a cilantro pesto heated by a burst of jalapeno and rich with roasted pecans.

We enjoyed more, not as much as I wanted to try, but plenty for one meal.  A delicate organic greens salad sweetened with ripe pear and pecans.  Chicken and shrimp gumbo thick with fresh okra that put me in mind of Louisiana times. 

And the Redbud has EIGHT varieties of local artisanal Real Ale brew on tap. The Brewhouse Brown made a fine match for that spicy cilantro pesto.

I'm thinking about driving to Blanco for dinner again soon...

10/12/10 -- For more on the Redbud--and better pictures--check out this at Austin Agrodolce.

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