Monday, September 13, 2010

Greater Roadrunner - Geococcyx californianis

Some quiet Hill Country days, when the ear floats a tide of rustling leaves , a rising-falling oo-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooooo-ooo echoes through our patch.  

We look at each other and smile.  'Our' roadrunner bugling his fiefdom.  He patrols our neighborhood's wild areas and yards, dining on snakes and lizards, scorpions and spiders.  

The small birds fly when he comes for a drink.  They know he'll eat whatever he can catch.  Running the hills requires gas in the tank and his tank will take almost any kind.

This unlikely ground-dwelling cuckoo belongs in these arid hills.  He was here before people.  With luck, he'll survive the advance of pick-up trucks and manicured lawns; his calls a reminder of the space of the wild in our lives.

Copyright 2009-2010 Kathleen Scott, for Hill Country Mysteries. Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited.


  1. Beep-Beep! I wish we had road runners here. The avian kind, anyway.

  2. How cool! He's really kind of elegant in a weird way. Here in urban-Austin world, I mostly only see grackles--ugh. Happy for the wild in your lives!

  3. I maybe get a quick glimpse of a roadrunner about once every two years. My neighbor saw one just the other day, though. I have no idea what they sound like, didn't know they made much noise at all, thought they expended all their energy running away!

  4. Great capture of this funny bird, Kathleen! x0 N2

  5. Wow, the cartoon had it about correct.
    As was already said. Beep-Beep.

  6. Lovely photos Kathleen, your Roadrunner is well camouflaged amongst the wildness of the terrain, love those grasses and plants in the second photo.

    xoxoxo ♡

  7. I want to see one of these guys IRL.

  8. I'm with Deb - they look so . . . unique.


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