Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The County Fair

Fall in small town Texas means two things.  High School Football, a Texas religion. And the County Fair.

The Fair starts with a parade--everybody in town is in it or watching it, except me this year (cleaning house for Mom's visit, which supercedes everything). 

After the parade, the town troops over to the fairground.  Exhibits, rodeo, local bands, cotton candy, the ferris wheel.

You have to go.  Your kids or neighbors or cousins have entered and you need to see their entries so you can tell them they're the best. 

<---------The Elvis of the chicken world.

You think your loved ones are always the best, but they're going to ask you what you thought about their rabbit, or the German Chocolate Cake that bested Grandma's Apple Cake.  And you have to be able to look 'em in the eye when you say you saw it all and nothing was as good as theirs.

The 4H kids bring the animals they've spent the last year raising, chickens, rabbits, goats, pigs and cows. Horses too.

My favorite event last year was the Under 12 steer competition.  

The young girl who won not only raised the steer, she trotted that more-than-12-times-her-weight-animal around the ring, making a figure 8, keeping the steer's hind quarters tucked and head up.  Which is better than I can say for my own posture most of the time, so I'm impressed.

My second favorite was the tractor pull.  Amazing how well the old guys go--men and machines alike.  Some have worked sixty years in tandem, testimony that good work oils the gears and joints.

County Fairs are fun in the Hill Country, but they're fun wherever you live too.  Hope you find one this fall.  And tell me about your favorite sight.

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